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Monday, March 1, 2021

Tennessee Aquarium: A Virtual Classroom

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Tennessee Aquarium:  A Virtual Classroom
Tennessee Aquarium: A Virtual Classroom
Tennessee Aquarium: A Virtual Classroom

It's just ... welcome back everyone we are so glad that you are joining us.

W are learning more today about the digital content from the tenant, the aquarian and joining us and tell us all down.

It is time i saw a kaori wilbanks for 20 little bit about ... educational resources initially and that the aquarian is offering this great education outreach normals from stance we taking animals to visiting classrooms. we developed a series of classes can be taken to your classroom virtually viewed as so severe edge to julia gregory is ready to work was to bring these programs to classrooms in a virtual setting or in a classroom setting and these are two-part programs tha are virtual outreach programs. the first part is some recorded content real you will see the animals in their habitats.

Your sick ceaseless interesting animal majors, and then we'll have an animal investor camera with julia.

Why to take western ... and speaking of the medication that they can check out online.

You have the re-movies actually more than that at the get for 99 ... you were when you safely welcom folks back to the associate ima, but we also know that there's a lot of folks i don't have the time to make chattanooga right now so we got virtual theater that we can bring to you via ou website, and a great partnership with giant spring also got seve movies.

Some are some of the highlights that we can summer films were never shown or and these are great giant screen adventures that will take you virtual trips around ... what we expect with wonders of the arctic yet okay if you ever thought about going to the north, old ir polar bears and some really amazing animals suc as door walls.

We got that in this wonders arctic.

What reall ticks high arctic ocean and all the animals of the habitat of their giant icebergs, plus if you've never heard of the greenland ice shark is very cool.

Species that lives beneath the ice.

These animals can live to be more than 300 years old and there very very fast.

Teachers are not something is anywhere else.

One of these giant screen fell from the arctic to chinatown renowned history of china.

Yes, a mysteries of china is really cool if you are fascinated with those terra-cotta soldiers and how they discovered them.

This is really how archaeologists stumbled upon the emperor of china is the first emperor of china is to and those terra- cotta soldiers really goes into the culture and street of the ancient china and the first emperor what it was like that and very very cool documentary similar to what you might see o those documentaries on the discovery was to all of these seven films are available or website for just $.99 and come with educator guides.

Teachers might consider this for classrooms homeschool parents might think about it or just wanted to join you and enjoy these films at home ... , you learn more and now the eternal games that are now bein offered at the aquarian homepag, which is really defining prevailing out there yet.

These are really fun games can we develop these cooperation with tennessee tech university and these were installed or neutral squirrel gallery.

What first opened last march, but that we had to take them out of the gallery because the coke situation but we were able to these other websites enjoy the home other not work in a mobile home will work on a laptop or tablet and these will be a chance to become a turtle hero by learning about your back at work, turtles, and also learning about some of the researchers were protecting charles.

Those include a digital coloring page actually color, turtles, others and really fun and love to close ... there is also another shark coloring that as well forget ou there.

Yeah, we with the ... marine sanctuaries folks know what they produce very cool, a coloring book which features some unusual sharks.

The dark found out since the coast of the united states sanctuaries there, so check that out.

The printout and color of water resources at if you're just wanted to take the stress.

I would urge you to go to homepage, click over to our youtube channel and we have 31 relaxation videos aqua escapes and those are just five minutes worth gentle music and seems like you have i made up on your screen and a skeptic lacks a stressful ... , we all need the five minute break right now, tom ... absolutely.

Thank you for joining us and giving us this information on what's going on in the tennessee aquarium identifies my check out all the things that are offered, how they did at home just your website.

It she and aqua tna qa.i was on facebook were still doing a number of facebook life which i did at least one a week ... , and patients with those pop- ups will then send thank you so much for joining us again ...


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