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Saturday, March 6, 2021


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Joe biden's proposed stimulus plan is worth close to 2 trillion dollars.

We'll tell you what it includes, and how it should impact our economy.

And new information on a heartbreaking case out of chattanooga, where a 12 year old boy is accused of stabbing a 12 year old girl to death.

Those stories straight ahead on news 12 now at 5:30.

"news 12 now at 5:30.

Your news starts now."

Good evening.

I'm andrew harrison.

And i'm emily cassulo.

Thanks for joining us for news 12 now at 5:30.

As covid cases and unemployment continue to rise, president-elect joe biden unveiled his $1 point 9 trillion dollar covid economic relief bill.

News 12s brian armstrong joins us live to tell us if this bill is expected to pass and how it could affect your bottom line.

Joe biden isn't in office yet, but he is already getting a jump on the story that has now been around for a year and that is handling the coronavirus.

There are multiple aspects to it but the biggest components are getting money to consumers and getting the vaccine out to more people.

Take pkg about almost 70% of the us economy is consumer spending.

Despite president trumps request for 2,000 dollar stimulus, 600 dollars was included in the second covid relief bill.

What we got in the deal sort of top level, $600 stimulus which people should've already received.

If you haven't checked your bank account yet jump online to the irs website and they'll tell you where your payment is.

Now, biden's plan is calling for the rest of that 1,400 dollars to be paid to all those eligible.

A little more than half of biden's proposal is direct aid households.

So there is a check of $1400 per person.

Hopkins says biden's plan also includes college depends, which was not part of the second bill.

That will include adult dependence, over 17.

So think about college students who are still dependence of mom or dad, they will also be eligible for the stimulus payments.

Hopkins feels this proposal, along with the second covid relief bill will certainly help the local economy.

We're going to see a boost almost immediately, i think in the national and local economy from consumption spending.

Another focus on biden's proposal puts 400 billion dollars into boosting vaccine distribution.

There will be more financial aid to state and local governments to help roll out the vaccine.

To get more shots in more arms. it's very important we can't really fully heal the economy until we get the virus in the rearview mirror.

Hopkins says he does expect most of the bill to pass.

Let's take the pieces of this that we can all fundamentally agree on and get that money out.

I think the checks will be included in that, i think the additional aid for vaccine distribution will be included in that.

A lion share of the proposals i think it's an acted and rolled out.

Another part of the proposal is raising the minimum wage to 15 dollars an hour.

Hopkins says that is likely to become a sticking point and people aren't sure if that will be included in a passed version.

Brian armstrong news 12 now chattanooga polcie say what started with an officer involved stabbing on lee highway ended with an officer involved shooting.

Authorities say a female suspect repeatedly stabbed an adult woman while holding her against her will in a locked room.

Officers heard the screams and forced their way in.

Investigatos say officers shot at the suspect, and she suffered non-life threatening injuries.

A community near jersey pike is reeling, after a 12-year-old girl was stabbed to death on eastwood drive last night.

News 12's kenan scott joins us now live with all the latest details on this tragic event.

Emily, andrew - i spoke to neighbors about what they saw on thursday night after police were dispatched to a house here at around 2:45 in the morning.

Upon arrival officers located a female victim suffering from multiple stab wounds and secured the scene.

A male suspect was also located on scene and was then detained.

One neighbor told me that while she wasn't necessarily close with the family, she saw plenty of warning signs that told her something was inevitably going to occur.

"what we've noticed over here at the house in the front yard is that the kids are always by themselves and what we think is the father - he's always coming outside either screaming or yelling."

Chattanooga police are asking anyone with information regarding this incident to call the homocide tip line or submit an anonymous tip via their mobile app reporting live in chattanooga kenan scott news 12 now.

Travelers boarding flights to washington, d.c., ahead of the inauguration will not be allowed to check firearms on several airlines and face increased security measures on all carriers.

United airlines, american airlines, southwest, frontier, spirit and alaska airlines and delta are temporarily banning firearms on flights to baltimore/washin gton international airport, ronald reagan washington national airport and dulles international airport.

Tsa spokesman says no rules on their end have changed but passengers should check with their airline's rules before flying.

Only law enforcement officials will be exempt from the ban.

The hamilton county health department began taklng appointments for the second dose of covid 19 vaccinations this afternoon.

If you've already gotten your first dose, you are encouraged to register for the second dose online.

Just go to vaccine dot hamilton t-n dot gov and put in your information.

If you do not have internet access, you can the hamilton county emergency management call center, but there is good chance you'll get a busy signal.

Second doses should be administered as follows: moderna 28 days after the first dose or later and pfizer 21 days after the first dose or later.

You should have a vaccination record card that tells you what kind of vaccine you got the first time.

The second dose of moderna will start being administered january 20th.

The second dose of pfizer will start being administered january 21st.

The city of dalton and whitfield county are teaming up to open a covid-19 vaccination site.

It will open this monday morning at 10, for georgia residents 65 and up.

All 600 slots have already filled up, but a second drive- thru clinic is planned for next wednesday, as well.

The vaccination site will be at the dalton convention center.

Local paramedics and volunteers will give the shots.

"dalton police department has done an excellent job of putting together a traffic flow process where people will go to a lower parking lot where medical personnel will be on site.

If there were to be any reaction there will be immediate medical attention available."

Additonal days for the drive thru clinic are in the works, but right now only next monday and wednesday are definite.

As temperatures begin to drop, the concern for the homeless community increases.

News 12's danielle moss joins us live with how you can help those chattanoogans that may be sleeping outdoors tonight.

That's right andrew, we are expecting temperatures to continue to drop tonight and are expecting some snow flurries as well.

Some homeless people may not make it to a shelter which means they need clothes and other items to keep warm.

I talked to the chattanooga rescue mission today and they say that they are looking for layered clothing items such as long johns, body warmers and even comfortable boots.

The rescue mission says that they have seen an increase in monetary donations and they think that that is due to the stimulus checks.

"anytime you face something like this, you know often times, we are one of the first to go, you know as far as support is concerned.

So, it is a big deal, it is a blessing that chattanooga and the greater chattanooga area stepped up to help us."

The chattanooga rescue mission says that you can drop off items any day while they are open.

You can find a list of items that they need on their website.

In chattanooga, danielle moss news 12 now.

Now, from the epb fiberoptics weather center, your storm team 12, 24 hour forecast.

Our 24 hour forecast shows bekah bidsall a cold front had passed through the tennis the value we are just starting this be on a trailing edge of moisture's ... already on the tighten rate are a few flurries out there and really see this upper low levels system that will be continuing to bring us ... the moisture into tomorrow and you have a chance to see some flurries saturday morning as well as you can see in me in th purple we do have some winter weather advisories and ... for grundy county as well as andrews and the eastern parts o monroe this is going to be intel ... saturday around 12 pm for grundy in towards eastern tennessee mountains sunday and told 7 am the big story going outside today is definitely those ... winds even upwards of 35 miles an hour in winchester ... 30 right now over in chattanooga temperatures right now will be drastically dropping one anothe look at your wintry weather ... workout ... them up later in the shop all i think the movie will look to me for about 530 units are looking to the most prestigious wrestling program all day but rivalry is unlike any other in tennessee -- possibly even the nation.

The two have traded state titles the last eight years.

Not even a global pandemic could change the significance of this year's annual grudge match.

Here's news 12's angela moryan with the story.

Trae mcdaniel: "we have the best rivalry in the state of tennessee."

Cody chittum: "it's almost as big as michigan-ohio state football game."

Joey knox: "we make our whole schedule around this match right here."

Cleveland and bradley are used to wrestling each other in front of thousands of people.

After being among those thousands growing up going to the match.

Cody chittum: "when i was little, it was like 3,000 people screaming, fans all over the place.

It was pretty cool."

Bryson terrell: "it's a great rivalry.

Best two teams in tennessee going at it three miles away from each other.

I think it's amazing.

I love it.

Love the atmosphere.

It's always a fun match."

Angie: "how do you compare this to anything in the wrestling world?"

Joey knox: "you can't compare it.

We're very fortunate to have a rich tradition as you can see on the wall behind me of wrestling in this community."

Ben smith: "it's kind of a fierce, bitter rivalry at times.

Coach knox and i and both sides of our communities have tried to clean that up.

Our kids get along well, and i think our coaches get along well.

Sometimes the community and the parents don't."

Bradley and cleveland have combined for over 40 state titles in the last three decades -- making the cross-county dual feel like a championship- deciding match.

Trae mcdaniel: "when you wake up that morning, you're ready to go.

Your adrenaline's going.

You're ready to get your weight off, get on the mat and wrestle."

Chase stansberry: "state's more important, but it's a rivalry.

You can't look past it."

The state tournament returns to chattanooga after 12 years this year -- giving the two powerhouses even more of an advantage.

Trae mcdaniel: "we're going to be in our home territory.

We're going to sleep in our own beds, have our own facilities to cut our weight in and everything."

Ben smith: "yeah, we're rivals, but at the end of the day, we want to keep the state titles in this town."

Coming up on prime news... we talk to an expert on how social media can spread misinformation and cause violence.

What chattanooga's mayor says he's doing to keep the scenic city safe, following last week's riots in washington.

And, the pandemic has caused a lot of stress and anxiety for many folks.

In tonight's health watch, experts look at how mindfulness classes can help improve your mental health.

Join us for prime news at seven.

Now, from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 forecast.

Here's a live look from our the plainview outdoor camera in soddy daisy from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

Our satellite and radar imagery shows low temperatures by morning highs temperatures at the 6 o'clock hour our trueview sky shows the next three days will bring our forecast calls for supercast our storm team 7 day forecast calls for our storm team 12 7 day forecast: in chips good word, we'll tell you about a colorful exhibit inside erlanger hospital.

Valley if you been outside you notice it is very breezy out there when guys from 25 to 35 mph in temperatures will be rapidly dropping throughout the night with a chance for us flurries for us a lot about that later in the forecast but alive look out died right now where new swells videos today was a pretty gorgeous winter day high right in your 530 ... 510 right now and it will be continuing to drop you he wins this deed 18 miles miles our nose you can see that cold fron has.

We do have a pretty strong low pressure system just to the north of us this will be continuing to travel lots of access oyster behind this cold front so what worse thing now o our type radar locally is a ... new areas of rain mixed in with some snow and those needs no chances will be increasing afte midnight tonight to take a look at this teacher cast against could see some flurries developed for the mountaintops just after midnight tonight and becoming a little bit more white spread toward saturday morning now as this as you can see this model does have filing temperatures dropping low freezing some other models don' have it as you have a chance to see some flurries this is going to be continuing on into the late morning it will be drying out by the afternoon we will be in a break at the clouds regardless though high temperatures will be near the low 40s so any snow that does ... on the valley likely will only be a dusting will like we've been melting towards the afternoon but any leftover moisture even some few flurries poss will into early sunday all that leftover moisture will be read ... freezing for sunday morning so do want to watch out for the past possibility of black ice and slippery road conditions as well as ... apache fog is temperatures ... lines right near the low 30s towards the afternoon we will b seeing lots of ... sunshine highs will be warmer to in the mid-40s so snow wise i take this this model does show the most likely scenario with ... andrew's eastern parts of monroe county seen maybe 1 to 2 inches of snow also i will be continuing ... the grundy county as well really not a whole lot expected for the valley maybe a dust ... and maybe a few tenths of an inch regardless it is going to be cold out for saturday mornin so when shells will be in the low to mid 20 when shells will be in the low to mid 2020s deftly want to bring a jacket i you do have any outdoor ... lands as this will be continuin into ... saturday afternoon and ... saturday night as well and as we headed to ... the morning and enemy ... feeling like i made ... 20s as always for the latest on your news weather and sports picture to download our free news 12 now i probably want to do is search it in the app stor on the morning starting out with morning clouds but turning ... sunny towards the afternoon highs will be right near 370 you can already see the effects of this cold front way colder up to the west of us nashville 100 cooler 100 ... or memphis 18 over in paducah temperatures will be rapidly dropping out the night of your seven day forecast you.

Just in from the epp fiberoptics weathe center here is your 70 forecast saturday regardless if you see snow or not is going to be cold and breezy so definitely want t be whereabouts you do have any saturday plans as we had the sunday morning and be cold likely dealing with apache fog in the region but some sunshine towards the afternoon monday morning could also see us light chance for some flurries merely towards higher elevations but highs will be right near 40 ... 0 in some rain will be on its way starting ... or when ... day and lean into ... as if it were a lot i like that type erlanger hospital is comin right up and valleys of opportunity shows us a ... meeting for the good of the low wall see the consumer to i as we for his use the coupon massage now i have three different settings for the thre different sets massage and by the automatic timer return for massage and he you good safety because of the fact that it's a great size when you put it over your shoulder is your shoulder to put on your back is a lie back to the down my legs and watching tv it covers a lot of space so this is things that can just be commenting sitting at the end of a long day or just because it's that sad moments when it's cold outside inured toasty warm in the size in the side it, you sharper image i love the concept and by the way and lisa robertson shows us heating pad that could help you blow off some steam in tonight's consumer news.

Thanks for joining us.

Stick around for more of your news headlines at 6.

You were to large good news or touch of color help track this up our friends or later or opening a new art exhibit ... at the hospital coming up ... today split open over several hours of its cold ... all about: ... discovery paintings and photographs for more than 30 different ... artists to buy any of your ... display ... this display will last until th very ... of the coming spring but ... there is a catch ... because of cold restrictions ... only employees and people who schedule a reservation ... can see the display ... the lighter color record what ... you of an alternative for erlanger has posted online gallery school to be related website and look for ... parts that are what the government supports ... hardship chapman ... have a great weekend richard join us monday about the same time for more ... 's ... this really nice piece is absolutely beautiful you are coming up on 12 ounces floppy o an update on how to risk that second goes over the ground for

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