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Friday, March 5, 2021


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Your storm team 12 right now forecast.

"news 12 at 11.

Your news starts now."

This morning a few areas at higher elevations all views ... no showers ... enough for the value is reduced ... did not get cold enough to have another ... hold night and had a few flurries here on the radar that will be trying out ... by early tomorrow morning right now only 400 here in chattanoog 29 over blair's ... 28 over murphy chattanooga will leasing temperatures drop ... right near the low 30s ... by tomorrow morning ... used to ... yell ... do you ... your new ... good evening i'm being a moth and ... during the later fourth things are going as a result now at 11 crews are still searching for missing boulder on chickamauga resin wire ... they think the person is in the water to quiet ... nuclear plants ... three people were in a boat when overturned around 530 friday afternoon ... first responders found a man on the shore and a woman along bank ... of the rush to the hospital after being in the cold water ... that you to our races of the water is less than ... 500 and winds ... are blowing up to 15 mph ... cruiser using sonar to find the third person ... they located the canoe this afternoon official say that the boulders were not ... wearing lifejacket ... the world has marked another devastating cove and miles don't work in 2 million lives have been lost to the virus is at roughly 8 months to reach th first million deaths just for 3 to 2nd ... united states leads all countries with nearly 100 100, 000 deaths brazil a second ... all by india to guest daniel bacchus has a late ... relational debris caprices for another threat the cdc now worn ... that the highly contagious uk cuvie.

Dominate the us by ... it also is ... thousand ... could die from the virus in the next three we ... highlighted the urgency for vaccination ... is the absolute same on a map ... how the rollout of ... eckstein is going ... operation warp speed is moving in slow motion the release of war does ... as promised by the trump administration not happening ... governors across the country confronting the failure ... why ... have ... there empty promises ... are playing people live ... by my guess is it's gross incompetence don't worry will increase the supply ... to send you the second dose ... of natural ... president-elect joe biden pledges to fix the bots rollout to have my word ... managed the ... in arizona ... the rate of infection is among the highest in the world it ... agonizing he was like gas being ... error like ... that he was being smothered ... when the corporate jet skis husband by ... a 42-year-old father of three ... has been fighting for his life there since mid-december ... and may require a double lung transplant i married a man ... thinking that we are integral altogether and ... i don't know if you can come home ... vaccination supersize at the windsor dodger stadium take on more urgent need ... saturday la county officials confirmed it ... for case of the uk variance in the county has now surpassed 1 million coronavirus ... daniel bacchus cbs news ... los angeles ... the city of donna with o'connor teamed up open a occult in 19 vaccination site there offering an update about scheduling ... this i will open monday morning at 10 ... or georgia resident ... five up at the dalton conventio center local paramedics and volunteers will give the shots at one point all 600 slots were built with the official suggest you keep checking the appointment schedule because some lots ... may become available additional days of the dragon clinic are in the works ... right now next monday and wednesday are the only option you can find a link to the vaccination sign-up page on our website ... ... the chattanooga and tennessee valley are mourning the loss of ... ray chattanooga ... chris ramsey passively after battle cove in 19 ... as he was known for his involvement in the community he played a large role the minorit health ... they are in the bessie smith strut ... most recently he was involved with coronavirus testing and ... flu shots within the african- american community ... our thoughts and prayers are with the ramsey family is fine ... the irs are warming ... morning that ... we could see a new wave, 19 scams to the first roast english text the rss warp of the 19th and and after sending out the second round of checks are also sending out a message ... beware of the new wave of scams ... these are some common scams are seeing now ... and one that you should look for ... text messages about stimulus checks and asked her bank account information deceptive coronavirus the emails ... letters and social media messages that are used ... in personal information ... you and me and i is and ... will ... if you think you may have come across as being reported to the national center for disaster ron and since that ... ... more than 706 pounds of hot pocket have been recalled their concerns it could contain piece of glass and heart elastic parent company nestled appeared ... and said he received complaints about contaminated materials and by the rosen sandwiches ... the us department of agricultur says products produced and shipped to stores nationwide in november are part of the recall ... according to the usda there has been one of the oral injury ... after someone ate one of the hot pepperoni pocket ... can go to the usda's ... food safety and inspection service website to find out mor information ... the chattanooga firefighters association held a fire ops 101 class day for elect officials and local media the ... department training center and was ... a lucky one that got to participate in the event highlighted the key aspects of a firefighter stop ... this man's got to work hands-on in various drills cpr ... fire suppression as well as search and rescue rope training fire chief ... hyman says that the event was ... meant to ... educate people about the rigorous act of these firefighters to go through ... today is is a day that were allowing the details a number of candidates of ... general public news media to come and understand ... what the firefighters go through on a daily basis ... just to give them a snapshot of our work but have ... to provide emergency ... operatives meant for arts were mass ... out the training event ... for this is the lesson ... saturday was a breeze he and dave is alive look ... right now over our news ... 12 videos ... temperatures only reach the low ... 40s for high still 400 right now but is going to be dropping the mountaintop said to ... be a little bit of snow ... for it ... to snow this morning advising on the afternoon it is ... to be turning a little bit ... sunny with highs right near the mid-forties as always makes me download our new spot now and ... be right back to the ... internet security measures are being taken washington dc and across the nation had the knowledge of items in operation ... on saturday, president-elect like freezing for pretty much the entire day so even though w warmed up to about 40 ... 440 it was very breezy out there and actually quite miserable as ... ashley in the early morning hours will ... wear again we did see a few flurries for higher elevation ... but towards ... the afternoon to ... see a few breaks of clouds and actually some sunny skies and this was our time lapse of the day over soddy daisy provided b the epb fiber up ... it's where they can network.cold front is a long gone over the next ... days high-pressure system will take place and we are to be a little bit warmer tomorrow and dryer for your sunday as well a into your monday as well ... big picture satellite radar would refuse ... no showers over in kentucky and continuing on into ohio but we are asked ... to to be ... being dry into ... tonight and tomorrow now as we head into ... 7 am to be a ... very cold start right near freezing in the low 30s again watching for areas of ... patching ... freezing fog to develop soon to be aware that you have any sunday morning plans will start season peaks of ... the changes to ... noontime can highs will be a little bit warmer right near ... 370 however again if you do have any sunday morning planes definitely want to bundle up because it's gonna be a cold on when shows in the mid to upper 20s and that can be continuing on into the afternoon feeling a little bit more ... was a ... with angels likely in the two ... likely in the 230s all the roundabout and taking a look at this future cast the artemis urgencies the moisture climb in first ... could be a few areas of ... ... snow showers only for ... higher elevations which is can be including murphy as was the eastern parts of monroe county is ... not going to be much in it quickly drying out ... by monday at ... your new someone a seven and can see if you are snow showers light winds ... for the eastern part ... monroe county northern parts of cherokee county that's going to be quickly going away and we ar going to be dryer and mostly sunny for your martin luther king day with highs right near the mid to upper ... 40s against nowise not going to be much maybe ... intense evidence does can be a light to test and makes for some pretty cold weather as well ... monday is going to be reaching highs again right near the mid to upper ... 40s turning into a nice ... and pleasant day ... for us next five days average for this time of year ... 500 will do just about the upper 40s all the way into monday ... or back into the ... 50s by terrorist day and our next best chance for rain will be coming late wednesday night and ... all the way into our friday is our 24 hour temperature change right now ... or risk or in chattanooga ... six in atlanta and ... shoe over knoxville ... current temperatures across the southeast region we have 31 right now across the ... 39 in nashville and 36 over in jackson looking at in this forecast sunday morning waking up to some fog some ... loud but turning partly sunny towards the out ... your new three watching for a few areas ... of light flurries a sunday night in this ... can be for higher elevations in the end of next week does look like it is going to be a wet on with rain chance after wednesda night ... they went past and all your 70 forecast here in just 10 seconds from the epb fiber optics weather center here is your 70 or cast ... sunday is going to be a nice and cool day but it is ... to be warmer than your saturday highs right near 48 to ... reach not to be continuing into our monday can highs are in the mid to upper 40s is a varies ... small chance for an ice ... related shower tuesday for next big rainmaker will be starting late wednesday ... and doing all the way into our ... writing danielle ... thank you so much becca on saturday president-elect ... biden's incoming chief of staff to the president-elect will take ... action in his first 10 days in office on your front ... the covert pandemic economy ... climate change and racial equity ... extraordinaire security measures are being taken ... in washington dc and a ... fascination ahead of wednesday's in operation ... issues course one of my chores with new york ... as a precaution ... all us federal prisons or under lock ... ahead of president-elect joe biden's inauguration on wednesday no specific threat information led to the moon ... with a nationwide threat level so high after the ... deadly riot at the us capitol ... authorities or it's taking chances us government official tells cbs news ... and recent intelligence bulletins conclude that the greatest threat to the inauguration ... 's domestic violence extremist ... on friday district of columbia acting us attorney michael sherwin said ... there's no direct evidence teams of writers looking to ... capture children the capital assault ... but investigations are ongoing ... that is your one ... priority for ... all attorneys office federal law ... to be again ... whether there was an overarching command-and-control and whether there will be ... organized team ... that will organize to reach the capital and then ... perhaps ... try to accomplish on of the mission inside the capital to the potential threat of violence ... businesses or boarding up ... the national mall is shut down ... and the pentagon is called up some ... 2025,002 split side ... is how the inauguration is goin to ... on saturday president-elect biden can you to build his administration ... introducing more key members of his science team ... nova science is discovered ... stock friction ... is also about hope ... that smirk ... is dna is correct ... biden elevated the director of the office of science and tech ... knowledge he policy to a ... cabinet level position ... nominating biologist eric lander ... mit and harvard ... michael george cbs new ... on friday police arrested a man with a handgun and ... rounds of ammunition check ... when washington the ... set up ahead of the inauguration ... authorities say the man did not have a valid credential ... to be in that restricted area ... all agencies are on deck right now in atlanta as possible are protests are expected this week and at the state capital ... george's national guard leader says that they are ready to go in armor and protective gear gov.

Kim has authorized up to what thousand troops to activate duty ... but he can ... likely use more needed ... at this point ... we don't have any specific or substantiated threats ... to his unit to the state capital or any other government buildings in the ... in the georgia area but again ... we are constantly monitoring potential threats ... atlanta's fbi spokesman says that they ... activated command post in atlanta and ... the state ... the mega millions lottery keeps rolling will hear from some people that are hoping to becom the megamillions drawing took place last night and no one won.

But a few hours before the cutoff time---one store in california was packed with a line all the way to the back.

So the question came up----what would you do if you won?

"who can say what they're really going to do if they win the lottery?"

With 3-quarters of a billion dollars on the line tonight.

All of it hanging on those 6 random numbers.

And dozens of people lining up to buy their tickets..

We at least had to ask..

Manny garcia/bought megamillions tickets "what would you do if you won?

Buy my family a mansion, get out of san jose, live up in the hills, big pool, everything, mama, let's get it!

Let's go!!"

Eric rosales/bought megamillions tickets "probably go crazy for a bit, maybe go to thailand, i don't know.

Buy a monkey?

Laughs" so there's that.

Others had more mundane plans.

Less adventurous?

Had plans closer to home?

More mundane seems a little judgy daniel martinez/bought megamillions tickets "i would pay off my student loans.

I just started college this year, so i want to hopefully win and pay those off."

Elizabeth ipong/bought megamillions tickets "i'd pay off my mom's house for her."

Marisha rivera & edgar pallares/bought megamillions tickets "i guess i'll just take care of my family, her family, and retire at the age of 30?


But for many..

The pandemic has changed their priorities..

Vanessa amaya/bought megamillions tickets "i would have totally done something completely different a year ago compared to now."

Kennard nhieu/bought megamillions tickets "give back to my community.

Maybe the elementary school i went to, the high school and middle school and definitely set my parents up."

Malinda matthews/bough t megamillions tickets "i want to share.

I want to share with my family.

I want to share with my charities, because that's what i love to do."

Or you can just be like ricco.

Ricco williams/bought megamillions tickets "what would you do if you actually won?

Disappear, disappear, disappear."

The next drawing will be on tuesday night.

The estimated jackpot is 850 million dollars.

The tennessee volunteers didn't win the lottery, but they did just pick up a huge sec transfer for next season.

Angela tells us who it is, next from the gatorade sports desk plus, after much anticipation, vols basketball finally got to lay the boom down on rival vanderbilt this afternoon.

And the mocs men held a 13 point lead at halftime over wofford.

Was chattanooga able to hold on?

I'll show you, after the break.

"now from the news 12 sports desk."

It's been a tale of two halves for the chattanooga men's basketball team.

After trailing by 19 in the first half, mocs scored 52!!

Second half points to beat mercer wednesday.

Today, mocs kept that energy against 4-1 wofford ... however, only for the first 20.

Mocs with a commanding 13 point lead after the first half.

However, chattanooga flatfooted coming into the second ..

A wide open three from max klesmit ... mocs by 5.

=== a slow start for david jean baptiste this afternoon.

That three gets things going in the second.

=== looked good from the wing.

Why not do it again!?

Baptiste breaking into the top20 all time chattanooga scorers.

13 points today.

11-30 career.

Mocs by 8.

=== malachi smith leading the mocs offense once again with 15 points.

Mocs holding that 8 point lead.

=== next possession, the terrier comeback commences.

Klesmit again from deep.

=== then storm murphy sneaks one in.

10-0 run gives wofford the 2 point lead.

=== mocs coach lamont paris said that's when the whole game shifted.

No chattanooga comeback that's when the whole game shifted.

No chattanooga comeback this time.

Mocs lose, 77-59.

Malachi smith: "in the first half, i feel like we competed really well.

But in the second half, they took our punch and they brought it back and we didn't compete."

Lamont paris: "one team was really agressive and one team was passive and aggressive wins.

I told the guys, there's being good at basketball and there's being good at competing.

Being good at competing is better."

Lee men get an upset in valdosta, 77-74.


16 lee can't get the sweep against valdosta state, 63-57.

Number 10 tennessee thought it was going to play vanderbilt twice in one week thanks to some covid resuffling.

However, tuesday's game was called off, leaving all the rivalry magic for today in the tba.

Vandy with a one point lead, six to go in the first.

Don't worry.

Vols just getting warmed up.

=== guard santiago vescovi shoots it over to josiah jordan james -- who says, yeah i'll just slam it in.

Tacks on a foul da boot.

Vols up by 2.

=== 2nd half, guard victory bailey jr. makes it eight.

Hold on to your hats for this next one.

=== seconds later, the ball be slippery.

Guard jaden springer steals it away... drives to the rim, slings it to bailey.

All vandy can do is watch.

Three threes for the redshirt junior today!

Vols by 11.

=== the piesta resistance comes nine minutes later.

Forward john fulkerson jams in the alley oop.

=== vols by 20, beat vandy 81-61 tennessee football getting some pretty big news tonight.

All-sec defensive end big kat bryant is coming out of that mysterious transfer portal on to rocky top!

Bryant announced earlier this week he would be transferring from auburn -- where he had 56 tackles, 10 sacks two fumbles and two interceptions.

The move to tennessee reunites bryant with his high school coach shelton felton -- now the vols outside linebacker coach -- and former auburn defensive coordinator kevin steele -- now the vols defensive assistant.

Browns vs.

Defending super bowl champs chiefs at 3.

Nashville predators continuing their season opening series with the blue jackets tonight.

Rocco grimaldi evens the board in the first 1 all.

=== fast forward to the third.

Preds offense breaks open.

Filip forsberg slings one past goalie elvis merzlikins.

Merzlikins about to get all shook up.

=== nine minutes later, mattias ekholm shot wide, collected and netted by brad richardson.

Preds get two more in before time.

5-2 the final.

We'll be right back with a final look at the forecast!

Last weather america's golden girl is celebrating her birthday this weekend.

Betty white turned 99-years old tomorrow.

The legendary comedic actress was born on january 17th 19- 22.

White has spent more than 80- years in show business.

In 20-13-- she earned the guinness world record for longest t-v career for a female entertainer.

In an interview with "entertainment tonight"-- she said she plans to spend her big day in quarantine.

Thank you for joining wdef news

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