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Monday, March 1, 2021

Virtual celebrations for MLK day

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Virtual celebrations for MLK day
Virtual celebrations for MLK day

Local organizations held virtual celebrations to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Held virtually because of the pandemic.

--but still powerful.

Newschannel 2's violet scibior shares the mohawk valley frontiers event.

Intro: one of the greatest civil rights activists was born today..dr. martin luther king jr. in honor of this great man, the 37th annual mohawk valley frontiers club celebration was held virtually this afternoon.

Sot: .

None .

None "we can make an effort as reverend dr. martin luther king jr. did.

To understand and to comprehend and replace that violence that's stained of bloodshed that has spread across our land, with an effort to understand compassion and love."

Vo: the keynote speaker was the president of utica college, laura casamento.

Sot: "as we remember the legend of the man from which this luncheon was organized and the movement that led significant policy changes in our constitution.

We must also remember his message.

A message of hope.

A message of how good we can be together."

Vo: two local activists were presented awards today.

The first, reverend sharon baugh of hope chapel ame zion of utica, received the reverend dr. martin luther king jr. community service award.

The second award was the friends of the frontiers award given to michelle truett of 484 designs.

Also, four local high school students were presented with scholastic academic student awards for a brighter future.

Sot: "i stand proudly on the shoulders of my anstors and tse who havegone one course of my life in the best way possible."

"this is a true honor.

This wouldn't have been possible without the people in my life who care so deeply for me and my success."

"the junior frontiers opened my eyes to a new vision of education.

It also introduced meo ke- minded yog men and women of color."

Outro: you can help support the mohawk valley frontiers club by making donati online.

Also, you can visit their website at to see the programs they offer that help the community.

Violet scibior, newschannel 2.> another virtual celebration for dr. martin luther king jr. was hosted by the rome chapter of the naacp.

Many local pastors and members of the organization said a few words.

And they shared videos of some of dr. king's memorable speeches....while discussing the lasting impact he's made on the world.

"we must realize, the time is always right to do right.... .

Therusims he spes to arstill sad true today.imagine e trusims still exist.

And the same dark shadows are cast over justice and inequality for people of color.... well i don't know what will happen now, we've got some difficult days ahead."

The group took the time today to talk about some issues that are still present today and what they can do to promote change for the future.

We'll show you the cellphone video that has rome


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