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Monday, March 1, 2021


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Your news now."

When tragedy struck meigs south elementary school, children were left with some very grown up questions.

Ms. kaley carpenter helped them understand and cope.

One parent describes her as an 'angel in disguise'.

Ms. carpenter is more than deserving of our golden apple award.

Natural sound: miss kaley on behalf of food city and news channel .12 i would like to present you with this weeks golden apple award.

Thank you kaley: i'm a teacher here at meigs south.

I go to church.

I am a wife, recently.

I have lots of different roles so just as myself i am very ambitious.

I like to take charge and do all those different roles while also being down home.

Just being a person you can connect to and really get to know.

Braille: we learn a lot and plus she is one of the nicest teachers i have had.

Tripp: she is fun.

She lets us do stuff.

She is nice and sweet.

Kaley: i am a kid at heart.

I love to play and i love to be with kids.

I connect with them.

I can talk to them and they can come right up to me.

Natural sound: it's not all about how fast you can read but how fast you can read correctly.

Rachel: what kaylee endured the first semester of her teaching from covid to the bus accident most teachers never endure anything like that in their entire career.

And for her to and for her to go through that within the first few months of her teaching career, and for her to be so strong for kids in our school and our community again it's such a testament to the person she is, her faith.

Kaley: as a person i've always thought so low of myself and i guess that's just something lots of people do.

They have these big goals and dreams but they never think it could happen.

It was very very challenging to get through this last semester.

But i knew i needed to be here for my kids.

It was hard for me to come in during those last several months and just come in, and come in with a smile on my face.

But that is what my kids needed.

And so to hear those words it means a whole lot to know that not only do other people see me working and trying to be here for these kids.

But they also know i'm doing the work too.

If you'd like to nominate a special teacher for the golden if you'd like to nominate a special teacher for the golden apple award, go to our web site, wdef dot com, look for the golden apple section, and fill out the form.

Coming up, a teenagers survival instincts helped him stay alive after getting seperated from his family.

Chip's going to show us how and now... your time saver traffic report... morning and another note you morning redhead and we are in, say, but in the more we can tell you we are asked bowl and delay free north south east and west throughout the tennessee valley transit realty by the troops.

I think it all the front-line workers keeping us moving forward in these unprecedented times a week.

I think that from the mermaid matters traffic letter that the old sneath will now this morninganother big namn added to the roster of people performing today at biden's inauguration.

Country music star garth brooks said he will perform today at the capitol.

He says it's not about politics.

It's about unity ... love ... and a shared humanity.

Brooks referenced the words of doctor martin luther king on the holiday dedicated to the civil rights icon.

He said, quote ... "we can't start living until we rise above the narrows of our own individualistic concerns."

=== canadian authorities have found a missing teenager alive thanks in part to his survival instincts.

A 17-year-old boy built this snow cave after he went missing near a town called 100 mile house in british columbia saturday night.

Officials say the teen was snowmobiling when he got separated from three family members.

After he got lost-- the teen dug the cave and hunkered down with food and water to wait to be rescued.

It took crews over four hours to find the snowmobiler.

South cariboo search and rescue believe the teen's action contributed to him being safely found and reunited with his family.

=== sarah thomas is making football history once again.

The n-f-l announced yesterday that thomas will become the first woman to ever referee in a super bowl.

Thomas will be the down judge in the big game.

In 20-15 thomas became the first woman to referee in a n-f-l game.

Green bay takes on tampa bay in the n-f-c championship game.

Kansas city takes on buffalo in the a-f-c championship game.

The winners of those games will meet in super bowl 55.

It will be played on february 7th.

You'll be able to catch that game right here on news 12 now.

=== nasa has red hot plans for the red planet next month.

The space agency has three separate missions for mars in february.

One of of them will allow the people living here on earth to hear sounds from mars for the first time.

Microphones riding on nasa's perseverance rover will record sounds from the planet.

Nasa expects to hear ambient noises like wind and the rover as it works.

Still they say recording audible sounds on mars is a unique experience.

=== the mega millions jackpot is climbing closer to one billion after no winners were announced in tuesday's drawing.

The jackpot is now estimated at 970 million dollars.

This is the 2nd largest jackpot in mega millions history.

The next drawing for the mega millions is friday.

If you hit the big jackpot, you would have a cash option of over 716 million dollars.

Can't wait till friday?

You've also got another powerball drawing tonight.

The jackpot for it is 730 millon.

This is the first time both lottery jackpots have topped 700 million.

Coming up next hour, we're going to talk with chattanooga police chief david roddy.

He'll have ways you can protect your car from being broken into.

But first, check out lines may soon become a thing of the past.

We'll show you how kroger is taking us into the future of groery shopping as we head to the break... here's a live look from our camera in lee pointe.


Your news now."

Kroger shoppers could bid goodbye to waiting in checkout lines.

If the new shopping cart the grocery store chain has been testing... takes off.

The cart - nicknamed "kro- go" is being developed with the tech startup called "carper."

It's equipped with card reader, which allows shoppers to pay at the cart itself, versus waiting at the register.

The cart also has a scale for items sold by weight.

The cart is being tested at a store in the cincinnati area, where kroger is based.

Another u-s retailer is offering its workers an incentive to get covid-19 vaccines.

Grocery store chain aldi announced tuesday it will provide its hourly workers up to four hours of paid time off to receive the vaccine.

According to aldi-- workers can get two hours of pay for each dose they receive.

The company says it will also cover the cost of vaccine administration for employees.

Dollar general... trader joe's and instacart have made similar moves.

As we continue with our consumer news, lisa roberston has a new beauty product to help that will help reverse the aging of your face.

... knowing the biggest trends righ now is really finding ways to make a difference in your beauty routine and your sense of well- being at home.

The line that better than anything else is wrinkle twinkles and today anything something brand-new an outlined his heating pad are actually going to get to meet the inventor of reality.

Scienc must something not in pain is t test the month and then intending to arrange a one line hydration and wasted college pricing ... may 11 two us proud customers pointing charlie, how patches enough to be dishonest.

So much for joining us.

Now we have the fabulous folding peel pack one for the neck and dicolletage.

One for the state.

The perfect amount to use.

You can use it as often as you want and make all of your skincare work better.

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