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Saturday, March 6, 2021


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Starts now."

Good afternoon.

I'm kay blevins thanks for joining us.

It's official.

Joe biden is the 46th president of the united states.

The new president has the daunting task of attempting to unite a country in the midst of a deadly pandemic.

Karin caifa is in washington with the latest.

:00 - :15 :19 1:01 - 1:04 --reporter pkg-as follows-- karin caifa / washington: "the nation and the world watching washington.

Donald trump has touched down in florida and now it is joe biden who will lead the united states through an unprecedented and difficult time.

And kamala harris breaking barriers today for women and women of color as the nation enters a new chapter."

A historic day... announcer: "ladies and gentleman, the president-elect of the united states, joseph robinette biden jr. and doctor jill biden."

After nearly 50 years of service in washington and 3 bids for the presidency, joe biden is finally being sworn in to the highest office in the land.

Along with his vice president, kamala harris, who is making history as the first female, first black, and first south asian to hold that position.

Three former presidents, including the man biden stood beside for eight years in the white house, and two former vice presidents are among the extremely limited, socially distanced audience.

A bittersweet scene for a man who has spent much of his political career working towards this moment.

President-elect joe biden: "i am truly honored to be your next president and commander in chief."

Biden setting the tone for his new administration tuesday night ends and joe biden's begins, leaders across the globe are weighing in on the transition of power.

Cbs's ian lee reports from london.

:07-:12 + :19-:28 :44-:50 :51-:56 many world leaders breathed a sigh of relief as joe biden became america's 46th president.

"after four long years europe has a friend in the white house."

In brussels..

The european commission president said the inauguration shows the resilience of america's democracy.

"this new dawn in america is the moment we've been waiting for so long.

Europe is ready for a new start with our oldest and most trusted partner."

Nats up....german germany's president said he's "greatly relieved" president joe biden is moving into the white house.

Nats...macron while french president emmanuel macron said he hopes a biden administration will be more committed in the fight against terror.

"here in the uk, prime minister boris johnson says he wants to work with president biden on shared priorities."

"from tackling climate change, building back better from the pandemic and strengthening our transatlantic security."

Russia was less enthusiastic... the kremlin said any improvement in moscow's tense relationship with washington would be up to the biden administration.

And in iran, president hassan rouhani didn't mince words... saying ..."today is the end of trump's unfortunate government."

Nats up vice president, kamala harris, drew the most attention in her ancestral village.

Nat sot - resident..

"i wish her well, success..."

Nats up...firecrackers .... she's making history - not only as the first female vice president - but also the first of south asian and african descent.

She's making history - not only say they hope president biden will repair quote "serious damage" in relations... caused by the trump presidency.

The national pan hellenic council of chattanooga held an online inauguration celebration this morning.

The virtual celebration consisted of several speakers and entertainment pieces.

Participants of the celebration ceremony spoke about women's role in voting and what this new presidency means for our community.

"exactly 100 years after women won the right to vote, america has elected a woman to serve in the white house.

We can hear voices from the past call out today.

We can hear the cheers of suffrages, especially women of color who continued to fight for our right after women won the constitutional right to vote through the 19th amendment."

Hear from more of the speakers from today's celebration coming up tonight on news 12 now.

25,000 national guardsmen are currently in washington protecting the capitol.

750 of those soldiers and airmen are with the tennessee national guard.

The national guard has been vetting every single solider that is there.

So far, 12 have been removed and 2 of those raised concern over possible insider threats.

In an interview with c-n-n, tennessee congressmen steve cohen stated that he was concerned about guardsmen having ill intentions after the insurrection.

They are 25% of the people there protecting us that voted for biden an the other 75% are in the class that would be the large class of folks who might want to do something and there were military people and police who took oaths to defend the constitution and to protect and defend who didn't do it who were in the insurrection.

So it does concern me.

But the vetting at the last minute looks to be sufficient but very concerning.

The tennessee national guard says that they have been very efficient within the community and have no concerns about their soldiers that are currently in d-c.

Before president trump left office... he pardoned many people including someone with a connection to the tennessee valley.... darrell frazier was convicted of running cocaine from los angeles to chattanooga over a 6 month period between 19-88 and 19-89.

He agreed to a plea deal and still got 30 plus years.

Frazier has already served almost 30.

His mother joyce johnson petitioned the president for clemency for her son.

According to her, frazier founded the joe johnson tennis foundation.

She says, the foundation teaches tennis to hundreds of children each summer at local recreation centers.

Time to check in with chip now for our first look at the weather.

Here's a live look from news 12 studios camera from atop the building on broad st., from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

This morning the signal mountain fire department contained an apartment fire at alexian village.

It happened at 4:30 this morning in the kitchen of an apartment.

Maintenance staff tried to fight the fire with fire extinguishers... staff members evacuated 10 residents on the 5th floor.

Additional man power and mutual aid was requested.

Chattanooga fire department and walden's ridge emergency services also responded to the fire.

The chattanooga fire department worked a fire at hamilton place mall this morning.

A massage chair outside of j-c penney caught fire around 2:45.

Firefighters believe the fire was an electrical issue or a malfunction of the chair itself.

They had it extinguished the fire within minutes of arriving.

The part of the mall where the chair caught fire had significant smoke and water damage.

In coronavirus news - people in dalton are expressing concerns as the city continues to be a hotspot.

Over the last 2 weeks, whitfield county has reported more than 14-hundred new cases.

A vaccination site was opened at the dalton convention center on monay.

That's caused covid-19 testing to take a back seat.

Members of the northwest justice coalition aren't okay with that.

"the lack of covid testing, because the department of health has switched to vaccinations, to get testing is very difficult and we have a team of volunteers ready to do so.

They will not provide the funding or the tests for us to continue free testing."

The city of dalton expects to vaccinate 7-hundred people today.

Still to come here on wdef news 12 at noon... chip says expect some possible rain in the storm team 12 seven day forecast.

And later... my pillow products are disappearing from bed bath and beyond and kohl's department stores.... the reason coming up after the break.... but first, let's look at today's cleveland daily banner.

The paper reports... about 70% of tennova healthcare workers have received vaccine with few side effects reported... for more on these stories, check out today's edition.

Now from the epb weather center, your storm team 12 right now forecast another chance.

The 3rd-largest lottery jackpot in u-s history will keep growing.

Nobody had all the correct numbers in last night's mega millions drawing.

That means the next jackpot -- friday night -- will be worth an estimated 970 million dollars.

If you can't wait till friday, tonight's powerball jackpot is worth an estimated 730 million dollars.

"my pillow" products are being dropped from "bed bath and beyond" and "kohls."

The company's founder mike lindell, who is a vocal supporter of president trump, confirmed the action.

Lindell repeatedly touted mr. trump's baseless claims of voter fraud, leading to boycott calls on social media for stores to drop the brand.

The retailers cited lagging sales of the company's signature products.

In today's steals and deals we check out a heating pad that gives you a massage and produces heat... take a look... "news 12 now at noon.

Your news now."

We live in such a fast paced world that eating on the go is becoming a new normal.

In today's mom to mom we have a healthy snack that's quick and easy to make.

Check it out.

Looking for a quick, easy and healthy snack option for those kids?

Today on mom tom mom we've got to covered.

Today we're making broccoli and cheese tots.

It's super easy and it's just a handful of simple ingredients that you have around your house.

So all you need is three cups of cooked and chopped broccoli, i like to just go ahead and buy the microwaveable kind and dump it right in there, one large egg, 12 ritz crackers crushed, and we already have these made up, one heaping cup of cheddar cheese plus a little more for topping, a half a tablespoon of garlic powder and a half a tablespoon of salt.

So what you're going to do is you're going to mix all the ingredients together all in one.

Just mash it in there.

Then we're going to take our mini muffin pan and grease it up.

Then we're going to take our mixture and fill the mini muffin pan all the way up to the top but make sure it's in there really good.

Then we're going to pop it in the oven at 375 for about 15 minutes until it's nice and brown on top.

This is such a simple and easy, healthy snack for those kiddos.

They can have it for lunch.

You can pop it in their lunch bag or you can just have it at lunch at home.

They will definitely love it, my kids do.

If you have any suggestions on things that your kids love we'd love to hear it.

You could post it to our facebook page and we'll see you on the next mom to mom.

We want you to hear about your creative ideas for our mom to mom segment.

Send them to us by going to wdef dot com and click on the mom to mom tab.

Stay with us.

More news 12 now at noon to come... including how a popular video game is crossing over to the cosmetic industry.... details coming up after the break.... here's a live look from our c-h-i memorial camera at lee pointe from the e-p-b fiber optics weather cam network.

You can now bring your animal crossing island life to the real world.

Nintendo is teaming up with colour-pop cosmetics to launch a makeup collection inspired by the video game -- animal crossing: new horizons.

The collaboration reportedly features 11 products... including eye shadow palettes, tinted lip sets, blushes, and glitter gel.

The new line launches january 28-th.

Colour-pop is no stranger to collaborations... they have make-up inspired by disney characters... sailor moon... and star wars' the mandalorian.

Adds thanks for spending a little bit of your afternoon with


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