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Sunday, March 7, 2021

picente calls out governor for vaccine shortage

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picente calls out governor for vaccine shortage
picente calls out governor for vaccine shortage
picente calls out governor for vaccine shortage


Oneida county's two covid-19 vaccination sites are closed.

And the oneida county executive is calling out the governor for forcing the funneling the county's vaccines to the state-run vaccination site, at suny poly, in marcy.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Stand up .

None oneida county executive, anthony picente, chose a cold and blustery day to deliver a scathing message to governor cuomo about what picente calls an inadequate supply of vaccines, forcing the closure of two county-run sites.

6:34 "they have thousands of vaccines up at suny.

They couldn't give us 200 a day to take care of the seniors in this community?

It's outrageous, it's an embarrassment, and clearly it's not the way that this pandemic should be managed.

6:51 oneida county executive, anthony picente, says as soon as the state opened its mass vaccination site at suny poly, in marcy, oneida county's doses of the vaccine were cut from 3000 in a week, to 500.

The coty administerthose in a day, so after those came on wednesday and the county put them all in arms on thursday, they had to close their two sites.

Picente is particularly upset about closing the griffiss drive-thru vaccination site 10:15 "you want your mother, father, grandparents walking everybody been to suny?

You know what it's like to walk there, same at mvcc, when you could drive them in here, they stay warm in a car, they get their shot in a car, they don't have to get out."

The governor today called out the mohawk valley during a briefing todaf having the lowest vaccinate rate in the state 20:13 "lower performing regions in the state, mohawk valley 77%.

That has to improve and it should improve" baffling, to picente 5:01 "the governor pointed out two regions in the state, the finger lakes and the mohawk valley, that had high positivity.

We gotta keep an eye on that.

We gotta get the vaccine there.

Well, then you tookhe vacce away and youallowed vaccine doses d renderingthe coe its citizens, the governor says the state is in the same predicament 20:48 "the week 1-5 allocation will be exhausted by the end of the day frdiay.

May already be exhausted, frankly, midday on friday" jf, nc2 > going county by county with the newest coronavirus numbers.

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