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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Blunt's focus on final term

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Blunt's focus on final term
Blunt's focus on final term
Blunt's focus on final term

Announced his retirement at the end of this term.

But he has no intention of coasting over the next couple years.

Kq2's madeline mcclain joins us with one project he plans to focus on.

<<(maddie) senator blunt says without the distraction of the 2022 campaign trail spend the second half of his last term on the campaigns he cares about...vo like expanding internet access for all missourians.sot sen.

Roy blunt, r-missouri sen.

Roy blunt, r-missouri: "you know the next thing there maddie that we are going to have to talk about is do you have access but is it truthfully access that you can afford and both working with the companies and doing other things to be sure that if you've got a healthcare reason or an education reason where you need to be connected that there is a way ot do that.

Communities are going to do really well if we give them the economic opportunity to be connected to the greater economy through broadband.cont vohe says the pandemic only illustrated the importance of connectivity.and speaking of the pandemic -- senator blunt says this last year has made his final term in office bittersweet.sot sen.

Roy blunt, r-missouri "you know, i've missed the opportunities in the last year that i normally had particularly to be in st.

Joseph and northwest missouri because the events that i would normally make every effort to get to just didn't happen of if they did happen i did them virtually."

Cont voone of the most recent virtual visits by the senator was for the expansion of umkc's medical program to mosaic's campus in st.


Blunt was one of the drivers helping coordinate federal funds for the project.(maddie) he says he's hoping his next visit to northwest missouri will be in-person.reporting madeline mcclain kq2 news.

Following blunt's announcement yesterday -- u.s congressman sam graves -- a fellow missouri republican and longtime blunt ally released a statement... calling him the father of the modern republican party and saying in part... and quote -- "through dogged determination and unwavering fight, he deserves full credit for building the missouri republican party from the grassroots up by cultivating candidates, mentoring officeholders, and leveraging his own political power to help others succeed."

Graves also thanked blunt for his guidance and friendship and wished him luck in his future.

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