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Friday, May 14, 2021

USE this one

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USE this one
USE this one
use this one

So it is still cold out there.

But we are going to make it to 70 today and still ways to go.

60s by 11:00 a.m.

And mid-60s through the middle of the day.

Then upper 60s to low 70s this afternoon.

The exception will be the beaches, that water temperature still in the 50s and it is having an impact and we will keep the beaches not only cool today but the next few days notice difference between the coastline and the inland area.

Notice how high the temperatures will go by the end of the week and when our next chance of rain does come back into the forecast.

That's all coming up.



Jon: as people wade to get the covid-19 vaccine cybersecurity experts warning against buying it over the dark web.

Zach explains why buying anything on the dark web really is a bad idea.

The whole process was really easy.

Reporter: one-by-one people of hampton roads are getting covid-19 vaccine.

Glad i got in and now just have to wait for the second shot.

Reporter: now a warning from the cybersecurity firm of covid shots being sold on the dark web.

I hear alarm bells loud and clear for people to stay away.

Reporter: office heard of stolen vaccines ending up on the black market through the dark web and they looked at 15 different marketplaces finding ads for pfizer, astrazeneca, moderna and unspecified vaccines.

When you deal with criminals, you have no idea what they are selling.

They may be selling you something they say is a covid 19 vaccine.

It could be a drug that could kill you.

Many sellers come from u.k., france and germany and prices per dose $250 to $1,200 with average cost of $500 and payments usually requested in bitcoin.

Why would someone be enticed to be this route to try to get a vaccine.

Because they have the money to spend and secondly, they don't want to wait.

They want it now.

Supply is limited in which it is and demand is high, you're going to see people try to make money off of it.

Buyers and sellers communicate through encrypted messaging apps like wikr and telegram.

You type message and send it and nothing but letters and characters that go out.

Reporter: researchers tell us majority of underground sellers made 100 to 500 transactions and in the clear how many represent real shots and how many are a scam.

If somebody walked up in the street and opened up their trench coat and had covid vaccines, would you buy one?

That's what you're talking about.

We are working as fast as possible for the medical community standpoint here.

Wait your turn and when it is your turn get your vaccine.

As for those selling on the dark web we will hold you accountable to the full extent of the law.

Leah: south carolina in phase i b and they are still struggling to get enough doses for the vaccine.

They are sending fewer doses to providers and concentrating them at major hospitals.

They have a backlog of 50,000 people in phase i a.

Executives with thailand health say it is confident and staff can compete -- complete this by mid-april.

It is a fair chance.

Again, i think they are projecting that not on 100% but projecting that based on trying to get through about 50%.

Leah: state representative tells us that the goal is to get providers up and running now so doses are not sitting on shelves when shipments increase.

Jon: public scheduling in south carolina resumed earlier this morning.

They will prioritize vaccine eligibility like teachers, child workers taken first.

Companies following federal guidances.

> pediatric covid-19 trials beginning.

The company now accepting registration applicants for children age six months to 11 years old.

> south carolina adding 500 plus covid-19 cases monday and five more people did lose their lives.

Percent positive down at 3.7%.

> dd2 school board accepted the proposal for the proposed academic calendar.

There are no built in e learn days.

There are nine built in teacher work days.

Jon: monday the first day that teachers and staff for dorchester county could get vaccinations.

Elementary students will have e-learning day on wednesday.

> dd4 holding their vaccine clinic on thursday.

School board proving an emergency e-learning day there for thursday the eleventh in order to make it happen.

Leah: could prom plans be on hold again?

We reached out to see if prom was still on again.

They have not finalized any plans yet but does anticipate make a final decision by march 30th.

Ccsd and dd2 also say prom talking are in the works.

We have not heard back from dd4 or georgetown county school district.

Jon: been a year since pandemic changed everything about our daily lives and we want to know how how it alphabets children.

Leah: some potential long-term effects on the demographic.

Rachel: good morning.

Child psychologist say they don't know the exact impact on kids but they are resilient and adaptable.

Most will catch up environmentally and some children with developmental could be affected and shared tips for parents during the unusual time.

Look for social outlets whether it is virtual, whether it is small groups, whether it is quarantining in pods with families together that you get along with.

Try to create those social relationships that the children can still sort of bounce off of one another, still maintain those friendships.

Rachel: lewis says the long-term impact on kids will be unknown for awhile.

He told us it could be as late as a decade when they are becoming adults.

Dr. lee lewis says a lot of it happens at early age and people develop during entire course of their lifetime.

Reporting in downtown charleston,