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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Discussions continue on school merger

Credit: WKTV
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Discussions continue on school merger
Discussions continue on school merger

Superintendents and students from Worcester and Schenevus school districts met Monday to discuss the possible merger between the two.

Merger between the schenevus and worcester school districts continued last night.

Back in january.... a merger study was presented in which the schenevus school district would be annexed by the worcester school district.

Last night..... the superintendents of the two districts.... as well as some of the students that would be affected by the merger.... got together virtually to give their opinions on the situation.

The students gave their thoughts on the pros and cons of the merger and some of the things they would like to see happen if it did take place.

"it would be a good opportunity to add more sports, and possibly more classes.

It would also be a good opportunity to meet new people."

"with more kids it might be harder to get noticed in class if you need to ask a question.

It could be harder just to learn overall if you don't get noticed and need something cleared up that you may be confused about."

The two school boards will vote in june whether or not to move forward.

If they decide to do so..... there would be a public straw vote in september followed by a binding referendum vote by the public in december.

A merged district would begin operation july 1st, of 2022.