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Friday, May 14, 2021

3-12-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: Dolgeville defeats Central Valley Academy; Poland girls basketball dominates

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3-12-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: Dolgeville defeats Central Valley Academy; Poland girls basketball dominates
3-12-21 SPORTS EXPRESS: Dolgeville defeats Central Valley Academy; Poland girls basketball dominates

All the scores, from all the sports (in action)!

Here is the Sports Express Wrap from Friday, March 12, 2021.

Got highlights.

Plus... in a normal year, we can't control anything during march madness but and some are just beginning ...either way we've got highlights.

Plus... in a normal year, we can't control anything during march madness but this year we can't control anything leading up to it.

We have the latest updates on our local professional and collegiate teams (((2-shot))) hello everyone and welcome to sports express.

Due to the pandemic, the timeline of the high school winter sports seasons looks different for our local schools across counties.

That's right, some are ending and some are beginning.

We've got lots to get to's been a pretty busy sports day for us spence.

Spencer and it's going to get busier but first...its time for tonight's big game... -- central valley academy hosting dolgeville in their home opener of the condensed season.

-- 1.

Right out of the gate, dolgeville junior gregory gon- ya stepped on the gas full-court and went soaring down the middle of the lane, finishes the fniger roll and draws the foul.

Dolgeville led by three at the end of the first.

-- chelsea 2.

Second quarter, dolgeville junior connor morse to sophomore kamryn comstock, take the big man to tha bank becuase he is moneyy from three.

He finished with a double-double - 16- points and 10 rebounds spencer 3.

C-v-a trying to cut into the 16 point deficit, sophomore jaylon o'neal on the wing, a couple of dribbles into the lane, banks it in with contact.

Gets the and-1 opportunity.

(((score))) dolgeville would lead by 10 at the half and go onto win 59 to 43.

Chelsea switching over to girls hoops... over in herkimer, the magicians hosted poland - in the their season opener - this also the first game of the year for the tornadoes -- and you could sense that they were ready to get back into some competition.

-- 1.

Late in the third period, herkimer trying to cut into poland's 17-point advantage, marion leskovar misses the three but ariel bell is there for the rebound putback.

That's two of her 8 points tongiht.

-- spencer 2.

Less than a minute left in the third, polands logan cookinham, in the passing lane, gets the steal and takes it all the way to the rim finishing with her left hand.

-- chelsea 3.

In the fourth, poland's amanda sweet drives to the basket, puts jsut a little too much on that layup but cookinham is there again for the rebound and score.

(((score))) she finished with 12 tonight.

Poland goes onto win 55 to 41 spencer in oriskany - it's new york mills visiting the redskins for an end of the year game here.

--- late first quarter - mills trailing by seven.

Jemma jordan hits ciara lape with the lead pass and she tucks it off the glass.

12-7 oriskany after one.

--- chelsea in the second - 'skins with a splash.

Jordan coleman from beyond the arc...good for three.

And oriskany back up seven.

--- spencer marauders doing a good job of stretching the floor in this one - it's jemma jordan up to ciara lape yet again.

Mills hanging around.

--- chelsea oriskany responds.

Shot clock winding down - ashley reed - going to take it herself.

Drives - it goes - and the foul.

She'd convert the and-one 'skins up eight.

--- spencer marauders not going quietly.

Olivia beaulieu with all the time in the world - plants and drills it from deep.

The range on that one...impressive.

--- chelsea under a minute to play in the half - jordyn carlo - grabs the defensive board and goes coast-to-coast finishing with the great effort... (((score))) ...oriskany ablt to hang onto the lead throughout this one - they slip past new york mills 47-42.

Spencer final game on the schedule for both whitesboro and notre dame...they go head-to-head looking to close the year out strong.

--- right off the opening tip - two quick buckets for the warriors' cecilia lapertosa.

Both off cuts inside.

Nice feeds from emma kane and kelly crouch.

--- chelsea jugglers answer right back.

Off the inbound - maggie trinkhaus to the rack - banks it in.

Two-point game.

--- spencer then it's a quick 6-0 run for whitesboro.

All coming off the hands of crouch.

Two straight possessions knocking down triples.

Nearly identical shots too.

She had 12 points on four three pointers tonight.

--- chelsea two minutes left - opening frame.

Notre dame trying to cut into five- point deficit.

Lily sehring floats it up from the elbow.

Two of her ten points.

12-9 warriors.

--- spencer in the second - lapertosa continues to do work in the paint.

The feed inside - strong move - count it and-one.

She converts - team- high 18 points for her.

--- chelsea the jugglers keep coming though.

Strong 'd' here.

Trinkhaus the steal - up to allie buschmann... (((score))) ...notre dame with a big second half able to come back in this one and take it 51-35.

That'll take us to the first intermission on sports express.

Still to come - we head to the ice.

The comets were to take on the crunch what happened to that?

Find out the latest.

Plus - clinton and r- f-a battle it out looking to close out their shortened seasons strong.

Now - let's check out other scores from around the area in our sports express scoremaster.

(((2-shot))) welcome back aboard the feels like it just began but the high school hockey season is already winding down locally - but ween.

R-f-a and clinton clashed at the clinton arena tonight to close out the year with their third meeting.

The black knights won both previous meetings shutting out the warriors both times.

Clinton looking for its first win to end on a high note.

--- it doesn't start out in their favor.

Less than four minutes in - sam wilson with the takeaway - he sends in front for joey gulla who buries it and r-f-a is on the board first.

--- spencer but a big response for the warriors.

Just one minute, nine seconds later - corbin melie - in his final high school game puts on net - it's stopped - but freshman derrick jewell bats in the rebound.

We're all tied up.

--- chelsea about three minutes later - clinton strikes again.

Right off a face-off - caden engle from the point...redirected in front by noah ciancio and the warriors have their first lead of the game.

--- spencer in the second - it's jewell up the side...he throws on goal - that was deflected and knuckles it's way in.

That's why you throw it on net... (((score))) ...jewell's second of the night made it 3-1 - melie would add an empty netter in the third as clinton finishes strong with a 4-1 win.

((dual)) chelsea the american hockey league announced earlier today that the comets-crunch game that was to be played tonight here inutica d rescheduled... the decision was made "out of an abundance of caution within the league's covid-19 protocols."

The comets last opponent - rochester americans - had their games this weekend postponed - announced yesterday - due to covid-19 policies.

Since the comets played the amerks on wednesday - this move was deemed necessary for contact tracing purposes.

Spencer tonight's game against the crunch has been rescheduled for april fifth.

In addition - the team's game against the amerks in rochester intended for tomorrow has been postponed.

That has yet to have a makeup date announced.

That brings us to our second intermission of sports express..

-- still to come -- an update from syracuse men's basketball after their most recent opponent announced a positive coronavirus test result.

Plus-- one colgate raiders team is looking for a championship win, another is looking for title number two.

That and more after the break welcome back -- while sports teams around the country try to navigate through the pandemic, they are faced with many challenges.

This morning, the virginia cavaliers announced that they recieved a positive covid-19 test result within the program, not even a day after they faced syracuse in the a-c- c men's basketball quarterfinals.

The orange has not had to quarantine its players due to contact tracing - the program was hoping to have more of an idea of the affect this will have on them by the end of today and now they've got it.

Syracuse university director of athletics, john wildhack released a statement this evening saying: "after consultation with and approval from the onondaga county health department, we can confirm that all tier 1 individuals (all members of the men's basketball program who traveled to greensboro) have tested negative following yesterday's game against virginia.

Additionally, no member of the program will be required to enter quarantine."

He goes onto say that the university is grateful for the a-c-c's rigorous testing and protocls.

With this green light syracuse now awaits their n-c-a-a tournament fate which they will find out in less than two days on selection sunday.

Sticking with men's basketball, colgate unversity will host loyola in the patriot league championship game on sunday.

The raiders are coming off a 30- point win over bucknell in the semifinals wednesday night.

They put up 105 points on bucknell spence - the most in patriot league tournament history.

Colgate hasn't lost a game since janaury 9 but that streak doesn't include loyola.

Sunday's game will be the first time that the two teams meet since february 16 of last year.

This is loyola's first-ever appearance in the patriot league championship while the raiders are looking for their second conference title in 4 years.

Keegan records: they are good team.

We've got to take everyone seriously.

Obviously it's been a crazy year so seeding was all over the place but it's a championship game.

Two teams left and we got to take it very seriously and just take one step at a time.

Matt langel: but i think to be back in the championship and for the seniors for their fourth year in a row is really significant accomplishment and i know that they are excited deservedly so for sunday afternoon.

Tip-off for the patriot league championship is sunday at 12 p-m airing nationally on the c-b-s sports network colgate women's ice hockey is gearing up for the n-c-a-a tournament.

-- the raiders were given a send-off today before they traveled to erie, pennsylvania for the n-c-a-a tournament.

-- colgate earned the number 4 seed and will face fifth- seeded minnesota duluth in the quaterfinal round on monday at 7 p-m (((2-shot))) that's it for us... we'll see you back here next friday night for another edition of sports express!

(((use code from the "big game"))) good morning everyone... welcome to your am sports