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Thursday, July 29, 2021

friday daybreak

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friday daybreak
friday daybreak
friday daybreak

Oh, buddy.

Deborah: and the cat wins.

That is "inside edition" for today.

I am deborah nor c1 3 b13 *again*.

We'll the vaccine eligibility for expanded brian kemp has governor on daybreak-- this morning this morning on daybreak-- governor brian kemp has expanded eligibility for the vaccine *again*.

We'll tell you who he's added to the list... --plus a bar sting in macon has several bars under fire for selling alcohol to minors.

We'll tell you who's in the hot seat.

But first, we have the latest from washington, including the date that the vaccine will be c1 3 b13 available to everyone.

C1 3 b13 41nbc news at daybreak, starts now.

This is 41nbc news at daybreak.

News at this is 41nbc this is 41nbc news at daybreak.

Good morning and happy friday middle georgia.

Thanks for watching "41nbc news at daybreak."

I'm jatrissa wooten.

Our top story this morning-- today, at a white house signing ceremony, president biden celebrates making the new covid relief law official..

Following his first ever prime-time address to the nation last night.

Nbc's susan mcginnis is on capitol hill with the latest on the president's plans to defeat the coronavirus.

President biden...on the one year anniversary of a pandemic that brought the nation to a halt, reflecting on a year of hardship.

(sot: president joe biden/ no super) "a collective sacrifice.

A year filled with the loss of life -- and the loss of living for all of us."... but also offering hope: announcing every american -will- be eligible to get a vaccine -no- later than may first.

(sot: president joe biden/ no super) "no more searching day and night for an appointment."

The president says he's ordering all states to open eligibility..

Doubling the number of federal vaccinations centers..

And mobilizing thousands to help administer shots..

Including retired doctors and nurses..

Calling on americans to do -their- part.

(sot: president joe biden/ no super) "i need you to get vaccinated when it's your turn when you can find an opportunity."

Today at the white house...a ceremonial signing celebration of the new covid relief law with congressional leaders takes place biden's first major policy achievement..

Republicans argue one-point-nine trillion dollars in aid is too much, and isn't targeted enough; (sot: house minority leader kevin mccarthy/ (r) california) "this isn't a relief bill.

It's pretty much a payoff for pelosi allies, and it will be the american people paying the bill."

Despite opposition, the president believes gatherings can resume by the fourth of july..

(sot: president joe biden/ no super) "from the bottom of my heart, i believe this -- there is nothing we can't do when we do it together."

After a staggering half a million americans lost... a sign that life will return to normal..

(insert ends) c1 3 b13 (two second pause) audio outcue: susan mcginnis, nbc news and in hopes of returning to normal, we are learning more details ... about the latest group of georgians... who will soon be eligibile to receive the covid-19 vaccine.

Starting monday.... doses will be available to people over the age of 55 ... and people with disabilities... and certain medical conditions.

We spoke with michael hokanson --- public information officer with north central health district.

He says this expanded group... is considered **higher risk ... for experiencing complications due to covid 19.

Them having the opportunity to become vaccinated against this virus will definitely ease the burden on both the healthcare system and on that person's mind."

You can find the full list of medical conditions and eligibility requirements... on the department of public health website.

You can also schedule a vaccine appointment there.

Or you can go to ... my vaccine georgia dot com.

Seven bibb county bars were caught selling alcohol to people under 21 this past weekend.

That's according to the georgia department of revenue, which was asked by the bibb county sheriff's office to help investigate bars.

The bars caught included the thirsty turtle, billy's clubhouse and overtyme bar and grill.

The bars' management now has to go to a hearing to determine disciplinary results.

The first phase of improvements at macon's lake tobesofkee is complete.

Macon-bibb mayor lester miller and other local leaders recognized the accomplishment thursday morning with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The renovations were funded by tax payers through a splost fund.

Phase one improvements include new gate houses for each park , a new ranger station and new restrooms. it's gonna bring in a big economic impact to macon bibb county, but it also increases the better quality of life for those that live around,and i know the people here that live out in tobesofkee are very proud of it, they're excited about the c1 3 b13 prospects coming to their side of town and looking forward to having a great summer this year.

Mayor miller says he hopes to see more people come out to the lake and enjoy the improvements.

Work has already started on the second phase of upgrades.

--and speaking of trips to the lake... the macon water authority is kicking off the 20-21 "public fishing season" ... at javors lucas lake.

The lake opened the first week of march.

And it will stay open ... through april 25th.

M-w-a officials say... residents are allowed to fish... from 6:00 a.m.

To 7:00 p.m.

On weekends.

However... the lake will be closed for fishing during july and august.

And it's closed for memorial day and independence day holiday.

But other than that... people of all ages can enjoy the lake.

"we are very excited about it to tell you the truth.

We always look forward to it because we get to go out and meet different people in the community and its very good for the community to have especially in this time c1 3 b13 because so many things shut down but now at least they can go fishing" the lake also reopens for two days a week in september... excluding labor day.

The last day of public fishing ... will be sunday, october.


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