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Friday, July 30, 2021

crackerbarrel session with legislators

Credit: WTHI
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crackerbarrel session with legislators
crackerbarrel session with legislators
crackerbarrel session with legislators

State state legislators gathered via zoom this morning to talk about various topics in the latest crackerbarrel session.

The public was able to ask 4 state leaders questions virtually earlier today.

Those leaders include state representitives tonya pfaff.... bob heaten..

And bruce borders.

Senator john ford was also in attendance.

They talked about several hot topics.

The most discussion came in reference to an incident that happened at indiana's capitol on february 28th.

That's when two black legislators say they were speaking in opposition of a proposed bill on the house floor.

They say people heckled and boo'd them.

The league of women voters and the terre haute branch of the naacp decried the actions as racist, and asked the local legislators to do the same.

Representative borders says he was there and shared his account.

Representative pfaff also shared her thoughts.

"we all need to put on our big boy pants and get past it.

Just because somebody points their finger at you and calls you racist, that doesn't mean it's true.

It's just simply a lie."

10:27:08,04 "i was very embarassed to hear members of the general assembly boo the speakers.

So whatever the situation is... i was so embarassed to be a member of the general assembly that day."

As you saw..

I was honored to be moderator for today's session.

The final crackerbarrel session will