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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Latest on Town Commons Park development in Gautier

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Latest on Town Commons Park development in Gautier
Latest on Town Commons Park development in Gautier

Even more development is coming to the City of Gautier, this time in the form of an outdoor recreational development to benefit residents.

33- even more development is coming- to the city of gautier, - this time in the form of an - outdoor recreational- development to benefit- residents.- news 25's grant chighizola spok- with city leaders today and has- more on what's included in this- project.- - standup - "it may just be a wooded area right now, but the land right - behind me here in - gautier in just a few short - years will be a space for all - residents to enjoy."

Last week, gautier leaders brok- - - ground on the town commons park- just northeast of the singing - river mall site.- 32-acres will be transformed- into a boardwalk, - green spaces, athletic- facilities, and an ampitheater- for - concerts.

- sot-phil torjusen, mayor- "this is a city-wide project, everybody's involved, and once- we get done with it, it'll be - for all the citizens and our- future visitors."

Ward three councilmember casey- vaughan represents the- area where the development is - situated, and says the park - will serve as a boost to the- redevelopment of the singing- river mall site right across th- street.

Sot-casey vaughan: ward- 3 councilmember - "we've heard from developers before, that they want to see a- city investing in their - community and adding amenities- that will attract people to als- shop at their - - - - establishments."

With the two developments, city- leaders hope they will- - form a true town center and - entertainment area for the- surrounding area.

- sot-phil torjusen - "it's going to be complete mixed-use, with all kinds of- different activities, - such as retail, grocery,- restaurants, bars, housing, - office space, it will be a- millenial - lifestyle."

Phase one of the multi-phase- park project is set to be - - - - complete within a year, paving- the way for citizens of the cit- they- call 'nature's playground' to - enjoy events in a setting right- - - - in their backyard.- sot- casey vaughan- "this will open us up to be abl to offer those type of- entertainment events- that the citizens want, but - right now they sometimes have t- go to our sister cities and - along the mississippi gulf- coast, where they will be able- to stay at home some."

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