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Friday, June 18, 2021


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Check here should sing to bringing you smart shop community of the newest trend now just that is always enjoyable when we get to spend minutes with archie in ohio and that is where we turn our attention to this morning.

She will hymen good morning sir jim perry doing very well.

Hope you and the entire team with the children.

The fire department are doing as well.

This is burn awareness month.

Wanted to talk a little bit about that.

Actually it's awareness week.

Something about birds intellectual fires in general.

So many of them are so ... i will just we wanted.

I wanted this week in particular attention to medical appliances electrical cords and injuries are very dramatic and lifelong injuries just like all parents or wife injuries.

You may feel loved, but that you will feel the effects of what really want but all, safety tips, we can use to avoid getting ... she drowns classes in such a space heaters and everything i will make sure that we have one hour dedicated client some time and time again we've been on numerous bars were we looked at outlet and multiple clones of them.

6706701 outlet measure simply dangerous.

And that's okay, worn and frayed.

The letter words ar just asking for duchenne and i would really want to have their own warm grade combined elements not worker safety risk and they are not meant to hold the load like that.

Obviously, i think most people know that it's okay we need to check his force usin extension cords in a responsibl manner.

The contributed shape.

Make sure you check them again and he tears her neck sin and she always just roam why lecture he buys you overrated or just about everything out there.

Now we have seen some homemade job or work would be all in engineers make cords and with themselves and better at risk.

Make sure you will and other working conditions.

I feel hot to touch him.

Why address of the about running them under carpet is not house bars and we had were those they like to be cool was more heat will be generated under.

You may not see damage.

This happened to that court either at msn and that you're asking for our wedding.

We will talk about is the training that you give your team members have chatted for to help themselves and define themselve in a fire you got a new fire ground survival trailer to do this that will sell exactly wha this is fixed for us to train for our worst-case scenario, not only do we have rescue victims are in a fire, but it is likely that very dangerous situations we have to train out rescue her own time msn across the country across the world.

Our service i how we risk your own, so we had numerous firefighters ceilings.

The roots and fires were we backed into going there to rescue him.

I miss trailer with international association of firefighters and attended a local bar for union branch secure this a nice trailer and less firefighters being a practice doing bailouts and civic so rescue type techniques for ireland because when you have an emergency like that you're gonna fall back and whil the training, but i had an old house in the next you really be up or down on this trailer to get a lot of training done on i and really help for the repair and i know speak in training guys already have a full academ this coming up begins.

I believ in april, so you're not accepting any new applications for a while.

The correct days directed a knife that we can into the around 30 individuals becoming members attended to our lengthy process of indoctrination and an education and get those agencies about risers or community was the ideal candidate when you're looking for new academy person to step up joint rights person, i discussed the manischewitz to do this job is a very challenging job, you can bill him very rewarding for somebody that has passion to serve the community and get back to the community and lifelong employees were not looking for folks to have a job for two years lookin for career individuals reminded one peter 25 years and beyond t provide service if it's a place a lot of training time is job, and even on your last day after 25 years 30 years and still learn stuff so were always in and in the educational state and learn new stuff about aircraft and motivated physically fit and and willing to make a lifelong career.

I one thing i wanted to, wrap things up on here for a moment.

You weeks ago.

He has a video went viral of the general fire department rescuing a and apparently a lot of you will go to the extent that you guys go to to rescue household pets people on the family and it's extremely.

We do have an analog donation over the years of the type that we need to rescue pets and we really don't get mad as we proceed to the last week we've had a lot of this in the world.

In the past and is probably nice to come in to hel us get training, reaction you get when you take a little animal like this in this case the dog out to the older ineptl born, he suffered a devastating is bad debt, loss, and to be to give them something back, a bright piece of that coming bac to them.

I really want to reall help individuals going through crisis was happy to see a smaller place during the workday.

Other than what you guys in many cases, i'll give them the best day of their life on the worst thing i was in session.

Family first though- thank you so much support as is out more about what's going on at our department.

Check out their website, their online eas to find only a click away.

Well, what's going on.

This is an idea that you're gonna say, "why didn't i think of that?"

This is the touch screen purse, and right now, we're all trying to be as clean as possible, simplify our lives as much as possible, be as organized as much as possible, really be aware of our surroundings.

You know how that goes?

This is such a fabulous idea, because when i leave the house, i have to have my phone.

Now, oh my gosh!

I need my hands-- do i put my phone down?

Eh, eh, no!

I have it!

This touch screen purse has a great place to put my phone in the back, but here's the unbelievable part.

This really works!

Oh my gosh!

I love it.

It works with all different sizes of phones and the phone can be in the case.

And you have space for keys and readers and lip gloss and whatever you wanna have in there, which i have all my stuff in there, so it's all good to go.

I'm not the only one who thinks it's a great idea.

Lori greiner from "shark tank," who is a sweetheart, by the way, think it's a great idea as well.

We have different patterns and different colors that you can definitely have them to match different outfits.

But now when you leave the house, you're not gonna have to go, "oh no, i don't wanna put my phone down on the table and walk away.

Oh no, i have too many things in my hand," right?

How easy and streamlined and efficient is your life?


Cross body, rfid protection, adjustable, all the technology you want, and it's gonna work with any of the phones that you use.

By the way, it's also 20% off on

[music] it's just as you all might when it comes to the french immediately teach you information in time just per quarter i went to great things from you guys and your significant comes to your office.

You we will all march marketing is just gardening and i do all the bcp mls to but we have some things going on.

There's probably 25 to 30 programs that are going on throughout the year with value to extension and so we try to get out so that everyone can participate in a course that provides research-based information and facial programs the extension office all 95 counties in our state all to you in the tennessee state at home as well.

This right, we should your office will run by the oak drive, which is close to the ta office and we have three floors in the snow in basically on the third floor is where you can get well when you open basically.

But right now we can do everything on the front door, but we have tennessee state university representatives here doing all 4-h and they're doing a family nutrition.

We have university of tennessee at knoxville were the extension service, and so were doing outreach to as well.

And now fo all the stage in the student.

This is not how to extension offices structure and is a real offer to our community well besides guarding we go through our master program.

They do a good job due to there's also programs are going out for age.

Actually, this you have to get your posters in for torres jerry poster contest is called harry potter all things of programs others also piggyback, padgett contest and people all of all ages, kids of all ages.

Much of mostly kids and i face.

Mr. perry got him some kind of a creation, take a picture or send it in and there's prizes given out, so all is also tai chi classes are going on.

There's this time a year.

There is theirs to be tax-preparation or help with your finances is kind of class so wasn't his own amateur ring to unit attacks operations and timely classes and courses that you and i where great source for us to find a list of upcoming workshops and informational courses in the best place to do is to call the office and i think this can probably be a the screen once, but you can also do some of the classes that were due for gardening.

One is called the third saturday class every thir saturday of the other one is lunch and learn, which is every wednesday at noon to one is a variety of topics.

It's things.

The better we get speakers who are master gardeners who were community experts in different fields.

We talk about the one coming up this saturdays and again african violets of all things.

That's not good.

How we do things on vegetable gardening.

We do things.

I'm just very choppy.

It's going to we also have classes throughout the year, master classes, and midway so nocturnal that all those who do will be a master gardener.

The next class will be next january, but right now you can get a lot of informatio on the website.

Please let to help with class in person.

Our combination yes on board were doing most things virtual for actions during different things and that the office were starting to get a little bit into it.

Most of our garden classes are all virtual and the tai chi is virtual.

Right now, unfortunately, but probably hopefully prosser vendors will be more i hear we will continue to enjoy some information on course and hamilton.tennessee eu give me a call.


I this morning was something that you know about is dr. rob oriel rob had a good morning morning you instrumental in the new mobile lust around screaming for long ... the project along party going on about 45 years and finally seeing the reality ... that the roads are we new one.

Our committee has one cancer problem.

It's not were bad people.

It's just our genetics our environment.

One person every two hours dying on cancer.

This was an idea how we solve that problem that we keep people in our viewing audience a while the longer and a better life.

When we got to make healthcare easy and to we got to get the technology to the patients to the patient coming to us and that's what this project was al about.

This is a new state-of- the-art mobile screening laboratories.

It's was the first in the country soon to be updated to version 2.

This bus that we built was actually prototype to see if we could do it patients embrace it with a be okay with us coming into their communities into their place of worship, and the biggest and you are is it yes people.

One easy and affordable healthcare so as to what extent folks have embraced this screen so the biggest thing is, particularly the pandemic.

It's a very safe place to get your imaging routine healthcare all your screening exams are done when you feel well and nobody wants to spend much time with dr. phi will chirp so they've jumped on board minutes we found just what the study suggested majority going cancer in final and early stage when cure is likely in treatment is easy and looking at some of the notes you gave us the government is now decreased the amount of years and the amount of time smoke so you can adequately and accurately get screen weeks we stayed up, try to stay ahead of the data certainly focusing on who shoul be screened and try not to over spring we realize it or tickling our community.

Smoking has less of an issue then we to the governments lowered the smoking criteria.

Since only 20 pack years.

It's one pack a day for 20 years of the equivalent to that also lowered the age stage l also lowered the age stage 5050 seems to be when you're genetics really start laying out an idea is really start increasing the number people who would be eligible for one screening trying to save more lives.

It was the perfect candidate for such always look at your family history go back end of your mom, dad, brother, sister had any type of cancer automatically elevates your risk and then certainly should get over the age of 50.

Some of those genetics for hangout.

These are all things you can't feel inside and have to have some and then lastly, if you have smoked.

If you worked in the coal mine in the great plan around what is dust environments on a heavy lungs looked at artless or someone goes gets the mobile screening, whether it comes to them or the long for the fun of the same day same day who likes going to the doctor and say in a sea of picture of you, but i can't tel you for a week on short of discrete's anxiety.

All this is meant to be easy.

The patient 10 minute exam get off the bus go to the rest of your day and hopefully will give you good news and in the short period of time.

The same day that you hav examined the levels of not likely.

The good thing is if we find something bad it was to happen anyway.

What is gonna find it when treatments up on cures like that.

So certainly a many blessings all right.

One folks like to invite you or invite you mobile screening allowed to their church to ... what a very easy, just call us at 4951 lun g go to my one and i thought about assortment, a sharp drop in and it's easy to find great guy, a doctor up to begin leaving pack tactics.

One cancer stick it's just we are continuing thi suspect, let's chat.

Spending a few moments with different coach.

More recently ... close.

Maurice good morning will get more due to the temptation of most is probably were talking sugar sugar is one of these things.

It seems like a bodies crave, and are so many different kinds of sugar yet sugar can really make a negativ impact on the largest mentally or not just physically but mentally very depressed by having correct.

Absolutely, my friend.

What should ship as it increases a whole, the dopamine of our body in our brain, which causes happiness and feel good, just like me get the dozen cigarettes or alcohol in an alcohol so those are things that really activate the feel-good hormone and the problem is here chip.

It's not just the dopamine sugar depletes vitamin d from your system and vitamin regulator are religious right.

Let your body that your you and also the ability for your metabolism to work well finding that people are self-medicating by consuming too much sugar.

This very very concerning.

Because when the shooter also leads to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and the list goes on and on our way but natural sugars and curry and fruit which were supposed to have some of how many company sugars.

Can we have from natural fruits, vegetables, what have you, as opposed to the process server that you find in drinks and candy bars ... sure what we know the products that i call man-made skull simple sugar of those are products that will go straight to the bloodstream causing spik in your diabetes doesn't spike at all, problems how much sugar, it's hard to predict, depending on the person's health indications that there take it but to give you an idea that she in the early 19th century, the average american was consuming my grams of sugar per day to day work installment.

I hundred and 50 on average grams of sugar per day, so it's extremely concerning how much sugar will tell us about.

We talk a moment ago about access server can certainly contribute to or enhance your version.

How does this work physically but i having some sugar here affect her depression ... will again because this we know that sugar activates a hormone weathers the dopamine or the beta endorphin bathing hormone, so again it's effective because we know sugars number one reaso for obesity number one reason diabetes number one reason for this reckless sugars of the problem, let me clarify something real quickly.

It's not just the crystallize sugar when talking red hospital rise.

Those are items that we don't pay attention to.

We think as long sugar he somehow were doing a good job you really what your carbohydrates in general partners also in the study that is ... come out which encapsulate this force in her final 60 seconds.

It also has to do with depression and also has to do with that ... it is interesting in this study is a new study finds that peopl with major depression have one different metabolic quality people without the majority of metabolic markers.

People with recurrent major depressive disorder involve breaking down the fat female had an 80% of the fat abnormalities.

While the male percent.

The study didn't tell us whether it's the consumption of that digestive ability of the metabolism there still working on that.

But what is interesting here is that eating too much, but at least m translation is only adding to the problem when you write you know that this high saturated red me.

Other products like that.

This is not good.

Another finding that this is also effective unit that was him mor studies coming out on this one, but it's it's a good, alarm to pay attention to that could possibly depression more depression.

I coach maurice leavell get in touch with those salaries by them.

Any time anywhere is only a mouse click away.

The website is bridge number two health and again bridge number two health and

Also, the two of them through our website.

My best be chat