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Thursday, July 29, 2021

acrosss the nation

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acrosss the nation
acrosss the nation
across the nation

Uled... emily the biden administration pledged more help is on the way for schools.

Fox news correspondent ray ?


> biden administration pledged more help is on way to schools and how they plan to get more kids back in classrooms by the spring.

With the american rescue plan help is here.

We are going to reopen our schools and we are going to do it safely.

Reporter: the first lady was in new hampshire selling the new covid relief bill and trying to assure parents and taxpayers it will help the president fulfill his campaign promise to reopen a majority of k through eight schools in his first 100 days.

A deadline looming this spring.

Back at the white house education secretary miguel cardona announced american rescue plan will provide nearly 122 billion for schools across the corporate.

That's in addition to 10 billion for states to do covid screening inside schools.

Students learn best from students, teachers learn best from teachers and states learn best from states how to reopen schools quickly.

Reporter: the cdc school reopening guideline call for use of screening testing as tool for schools to track cases.

The cdc also says they are monitoring a recent study that shows it may be possible to have students just 3 feet away from each other as long as they are wearing masks.

We recognize the challenges of having children home.

I want to articulate that, you know, respiratory viruses frequently travel in schools.

Next week secretary cardona is holding a summit for schools to share best practices


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