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Monday, August 2, 2021

Indiana Restaurants and Hotels leading the charge in pandemic recovery

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Indiana Restaurants and Hotels leading the charge in pandemic recovery
Indiana Restaurants and Hotels leading the charge in pandemic recovery

It’s no secret that the restaurant and hospitality industries took a major hit during the COVID-19 pandemic.

State officials say, though, that Indiana is leading the charge in the recovery of these two industries.

The pandemic absolutely "walloped" restaurants and hotels throughout the last year.

But state officials say indiana is leading the charge in recovery.

News 10's dominic miranda spoke with local restaurant owners.

He explains why the hoosier state is doing so well.

[take pkg incue: president and ceo outcue: news 10 duration:1:45] pkg domini} president and ceo of the indiana restaurant and lodging association patrick tamm was here in terre haute on wednesday.

He sat right here at j ford's black angus in terre haute... and said indiana is leading the charge in for both the restaurant and hotel industries.

He spoke about what's led them to fare so much better than their midwest and national peers.

Tamm says the biggest contributer to hoosier restaurants leading the way in revenue recovery is partnership with both state and local health officials.

He says...other states around the country can't say the same.... which is what sets indiana apart.

"state as well as local health officials working together overwhelmingly to find creative solutions and utilizing public gathering spaces, outdoor and indoor venues, and also best practices.

We've seen that time and time again."

Owners of j ford's black angus jeff and kelly ford agree.

They lost 50 percent of sales last year.

Blacck angus now down 35 to 40 percent tamm says the back half of 20-21 looks very positive for restaurants in indiana.

The ford's say it all comes down to customer confidence.

"we personally have seen customers the past couple of weeks that we haven't seen in a year and they're so excited.

They say we're glad to be out, we're fully vaccinated.

Incrementally we are seeing business coming back and i don't see that turning backwards."

Domiini} tamm says indiana hotels don't expect to be back to pre-pandemic levels of revenue until 20-24.... restaurants may get there sooner...but that's still a year off..

Nevertheless... it's clear that the hoosier state is the number one seed in the midwest, if you will, when it comes to recovery from the pandemic.

In terre haute.

I'm dominic miranda news 10 news 10

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