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Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Coroner Identifies Body Found on US 41

Credit: WEVV
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Coroner Identifies Body Found on US 41
Coroner Identifies Body Found on US 41
Coroner Identifies Body Found on US 41

Tonight out of evansville... an investigation is underway after a body was found along the side of highway 41 today.... 44news reporter marisa patwa is live -- with new information on this case-- including the victim's identity..

Just a short while ago -- the vanderburgh county coroner identified the man found who dead in a ditch just outside of the comfort in before seven thursday morning as seventy four year old james eugene rich of owensboro "i'd like to report a body.

He's dead..he's dead."

The evansville police department says it was a hotel employee who discovered the victim and after they and the fire department arrived on the scene -- removing the body "he had been deceased for some time."

The preliminary investigation shows this could have been a hit and run -- but police are waiting on the coroner's report to verify that as the cause of death thirty year old rami jay was walking into denny's to pick up an order of waffles for him and his friends when he saw the police still investigating the scene "i definitely feel for this man because it's a bad way to go."

Indot crews also arrived -- draining the ditch for more evidence police are still working on figuring out how rich got into that area "as far as we know -- he wasn't registered at the hotel so we're at a dead end at this point."

And those who were at the area where the body was found -- hope justice will be served "i pray that this man's family finds peace because and i pray that they can go through this and stay strong because this is definitely a sad situation."

An autopsy for rich is scheduled for friday.

Reporting live in evansville marisa patwa


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