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Thursday, July 29, 2021

03-22-2021 for Bri

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03-22-2021 for Bri
03-22-2021 for Bri
03-22-2021 for Bri


The latest?

"*new big news about another potential corona?

"* virus vaccine in the u?


How effective the astrazeneca vaccine is and what it would mean to have a 4th vaccine./// there's a new rochester downtown alliance's director in town.

I'm kimt news three's jessica bringe live with what she's hoping to bring to the med city./// rpu live eye the rochester city council has a busy had ahead.

I'm kimt news three's anthony monzon live with?


*- what's on the table at today's meeting.// rain is on the way.

I've got my eyes to the sky and am tracking when we will see the first drops.

Kimt news three first at four starts right now.

Good afternoon and thank you for joining us for kimt news 3 first at 4.

I'm katie lange.

And i'm amy fleming first this afternoon?


"* th rochester downtown alliance is announcing a new director of events and strategic partnerships.

Kimt new three's jessica bringe joins us live from downtown rochester with why the r?

"* d?

"*a says the position is so important this year.


Amy and katie ?

"* the r?

"*d?* helps put on some big community events ?

"* like thursdays on first and third..

And now that vaccines are being administered we might see some larger crowds being allowed to gather.

That will make configuring those events a little trickier ?

"* which wil be the job of kanika coo?

"* shane.


"*shane officially takes over the role of the organization's director of events and strategic partnerships tomorrow.

The r?


"*a says it's excited t how coo?

"* shane tackles any challenges of event planning as the pandemic continues.

We really don't know yet when the community will be fully vaccinated and we run such large events it would be very difficult for us to run them if we need to keep mask requirements in place, if we still need to be super careful about social distancing.

So, we're still making decisions as we go.

Again ?

"* coo?

"* sh offically starts her new role tomorrow.

Live in rochester?

"*- jessica bringe thank you jessica ?

"* according to a press release couchene will also nurture relationships with community partners, and develop working relations with downtown stakeholder businesses and organizations.

Happening now: the rochester city council is discussing possible legal action against a builder... and the next steps in the north broadway reconstructio n project.

Kimt news three's anthony monzon joins us live with an update from the meeting.


Kimt news 3 well amy and katie... we're only a few minutes into today's city council meeting... but we're getting closer to a decision on whether the city will accept a bid to start work on the north broadway reconstructio n project.

Officials say the 18?

"*point?*3 million dollar project is intended to transform the broadway avenue cooridor into a gateway to downtown rochester.

Construction was originally expected to start last year... but was ultimately delayed after bids came in higher than anticipated.

Council members are also considering authorizing a lawsuit against the builder and designer of a downtown parking ramp.

The ramp... located on the corner of first avenue north?

"*east and first street... was originally designed to support at least eight levels of residential housing above its parking facilities.

The city says it hasn't been able to build the planned housing project because of issues with the ramp.

Officials say mediation with the builder?

"* designer ws not fruitful.

During today's meeting... city leaders will look into a possible partnership aimed at removing discriminatory language from property deeds.

Officials will discuss working with the just deeds coalition to identify and elminate racially restrictive covenants across the city.

Staff say rochester is known to have a number of discriminatory covenants... though they have not been legal or enforcable for a several kimt news 3 i spoke with council member molly dennis ahead of today's vote on the partnership... who says while we can't undo the past... it's important to address injustices and the harm caused by discriminatory housing practices.

Thank you anthony.

Today the council will also be looking into factors impacting rochester's next city budget.

Stay with kimt news three on?

*- air and online for continuing coverage.

Astrazeneca is releasing results from it's u?

"*s phase 3 vaccine trial today.

The company says the vaccine is 79?

"* percent effective in preventing symptomatic covid?

"*19... and 100 percent effective at preventing severe disease and hospitalization .

The results pave the way for astrazeneca to apply for an emergency use authorization from the f?



The compa says it will do so in early stormteam 3 let's switch gears for a quick check on the weather with?

"* kimt stormteam3 meteorloigist sara knox joins us now.

Sara what are you tracking?

Live rain showers will begin to move into the area this evening, and will expand in coverage through the overnight hours.

A rather rainy day is expected for tuesday, and there may even be a few rumbles of thunder later in the day.

Periods of rain showers will continue into wednesday before tapering off through the day.

Rainfall may total to over 1" for some through the duration of this storm system.

Drier and cooler conditions are expected as we finish off the workweek, with highs in the middle to upper 40s on thursday and friday.

It was a lucky day for someone at a rochester kwik trip ?

"*?*- the minnesota lottery website says a 50?

"*thousand dollar winning powerball ticket was sold at the kwik trip on 11th avenue northwest and won in saturday's drawing.

$50,000 is powerball game and could be more if the ticket?

"* buyer alo added the power play option to multiply any winnings.

The powerball jackpot is still up for grabs ?


"* and is proje to grow to $220 million for wednesday's still ahead on kimt news three first at four?

"* the best strategy that we've got is get our population vaccinated as quickly as we can how olmted county is making sure people stay healthy in the fight against covid?

"*19... as more variants emerge across this women's history month?

"**- one minnesota business owner is making sure women can defend themselves.

A look at her efforts to protect them./// today begins severe weather awareness week in iowa... coming up, we'll take a look at severe thunderstorm s and the qualifications that


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