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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Part 2. Mayor Candidate Tim Kelly talks about his vision for Chattanooga. Tomorrow -- Kim White.

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Part 2.  Mayor Candidate Tim Kelly talks about his vision for Chattanooga.  Tomorrow -- Kim White.
Part 2. Mayor Candidate Tim Kelly talks about his vision for Chattanooga. Tomorrow -- Kim White.

Part 2.

Mayor Candidate Tim Kelly talks about his vision for Chattanooga.

Tomorrow -- Kim White.

The next mayor of chattanooga tells her old jewel for i voted for a fellow in tim kelly eight of the state is a pretty out lofty goals of it in our opening segment and some of the things seem to read earlier you got a pretty impressive first 100 day agenda of how you do all is said to be a heck of a lot of room for the day or dissent to go hit the ground running on the list of voices.

What analysts and other voices right but i'm a high-energy guy right.

I'm run multiple visits as a same time, i'll be turning those over to a blind trust.

I don't have to worry about that but as i say on a lot in the value of business person in an executive fluke will like this isn't necessaril we understand business better business people like that is a telephone it's really that we got good organizational management know how to get things done with limited time and limited resources and again what is normally probably a up my wife and tell you a personality flaw in me my extreme impatience at times that will serve me well in this regard because there's some urgency around the issues we face and we can attack you have to do a a lot of give and take lot of compromise.

Yet a lot of partners such as the law enforcement tells us about the chattanooga police department where they fit in your plan.

I mean i got great relationship with you friday.

The rumors and all that stuff.

The news last week.

Don't know where it came from his sermon in compromise amount i'm a fancy fridays and on this in mind and am looking very forward, his predecessor, fred fletcher is a friend and endorsed me as a candidate and so i really look forward work which you friday to further the goals and department for torts community policing to restore trust with community and again dave riley understands all this and on have picked up a number of endorsements at what point d these endorsements help or at what point do they hurt.

Well i would hope to think i would lik to think that they only help again.

The did the notion that some people endorsed me for ideological reasons is observed in this case right.

I'm a local listed are i think nonpartisan elections are nonpartisan for reason they don't come with a wink and a nod as we say in my campaign my party really is chattanooga.

So what these these people endorsed me because they see my skill set fixing my leadership ability and i believe that i'm the right person to bring chattanooga together.

This is not about picking sides.

Quite the opposite.

You took a big meeting in the media over the rush limbaugh, and you regarding it was it was a stupi thing was, and often i think it's clear that it's important to note, i did make a comment on my own page my writing.

I lost my own mother to cancer, lung cancer, case analysis again ver soon and the without the idea that somehow this was a an intentional dig at rush limbaugh's is not true and and ridiculous.

It was a photo comment with a quote in and in somebody else's thread for people in social media.

It was it was in at the time in england was a slight loss, but it was in poor taste.

I apologize for the for it and deleted it very quickly.

But again i think there's a partisan political element that was determined to make it into a thing and make you look like something that i' not and that's part of politics own only a minute or so left a lotta controversy as his.

The deer was lately about you movin your business to restrict rewarding be the mayor of the city of chattanooga was explained well what that that business.

I'm always here do the right thing for the business that is southern on the power.

So works and if lordstown power were in the country, and honda wasn't you know happy with where it was no workman road retail district old warehouse.

If anybody's been down there.

They know it needed to be out in a retail cluster with other like like bass pro shop and camping world of things that nature.

The decision was made before i ran for mayor and its estate program that anybody can take it manage of its it's not in a blessing my enthusiasm ability recruit for chat at all in any way shape or form it's it's a very limited program for for a very limited set of businesses that happen to generate sales tax of we would forward to having you in europe.

Jim white coming up and joining us next week.

By the way, will be in the hot seat tomorrow and the date is april 8 two weeks from today right go with that jim kelly thank you for


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