8 Questions to Consider Before Getting a Pet
8 Questions to Consider Before Getting a Pet

8 Questions to Consider, Before Getting a Pet.

Pet adoptions and sales soared in 2020 due to the pandemic.

Although people are spending more time at home, it’s important to remember that work, travel and social outings will resume.


Here are eight questions you should ask yourself before you decide to become a new pet owner.


Can I afford a pet?, Aside from initial adoption feeds, you’ll also have to budget for veterinary visits, food, training and supplies.


Do I have the time?, Having a pet requires lots of time committed to training, care, exercise and cleaning.



Is my home pet-friendly?, Carefully consider whether the pet would thrive in your current living situation.


Am I mentally prepared?, Depending on what pet you’re getting, it could be a commitment for the next decade or so.



Is this the right type of animal/breed for me?, Choose a pet that is compatible with your lifestyle.


Do I have a good support system?, Even if you’re the primary caregiver, it’s good to know that you have others to assist when needed.


Am I being realistic about my pet ownership expectations?

, Educate yourself on the type of pet you want, what costs you can expect and if a pet fits into your life.



Am I ready to make sacrifices for my pet?, If your lifestyle is “not very” pet-friendly and you’re not willing to make changes, don’t get a pet.