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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Warren & Griffin's C. Mark Warren suggests gifts for nursing home residents after Covid restrictions

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Warren & Griffin's C. Mark Warren suggests gifts for nursing home residents after Covid restrictions
Warren & Griffin's C. Mark Warren suggests gifts for nursing home residents after Covid restrictions

Warren & Griffin's C.

Mark Warren suggests gifts for nursing home residents after Covid restrictions are lifted

There there's a guy with the answers to that it is see mark were doing very well.

Sorry you good to be alive and syringes when you bring something orange and you have yet to this here in just over on literally thousands of people interviewing area have not been able see their loved ones right over a year in person and holding a cell phone or a ipad or something in front of a say that the same thing is is nursing homes are slowly opening backup is basically nursing home bound merchant home with their order process is in the reopening hours later siegel required the mask be in wars loans are the mask mandate.

We thought was a good idea to perform, put together a care package that he's wore come down the farm an pick up a care package of other items that we would bring to a a loved one another so that that we not seen in a long time just for a lot of example i'll bring a shawl you know they probably had not had no piece of clothing or shawl hand lotion.

It is is always a good idea personal han lotion you made a pact that yourself because it might be some allergies involve we we we we think like puzzle books woul be a good idea to bring loved ones.

I don't know if you crochet jet flamingo crochet kit.

I do not know that the time i get involved in this paddle.

I do not have.

That's the disease will and then you know since alaska.

If you notice something that took to bring your loved one when you go see them for th first and you have these available at your lds judges just as come by 736 george ave.

And so you want a care package for your love people when they see their loved one in these facilities.

For the first time in here all say that they may not just heartbreak.

I really think that if it was me seeing my parents in a nursing home that i've not seen in a year face-to-face.

I would take a moment in the lot and gather my thoughts, prayer, you really do not know what to expect when you first walk in their room and so first off i would sit in the parking lot finishes gather your thoughts and pair yourself for seeing your loved one that you got seen because their physical condition has jet, no doubt, there is no way around that chas has most about.

Yes, i have a little shock on the sar you know mentally and physicall, so i'm sure everybody is is aware of that but i would certainly take a moment and then i would spend some time talking to my loved one about how the year is been if it was it was me and it was mom mom and dad.

I would be looking for you know the great benefits that that we had before cobit is we can drop in on her parents and we can check on him.

You know, every day for and we could pick up on to say this, you know, bu bruising short and bedsores is something going on.

The problem with not being there every day are van outside of the cell phone is you don't pick up on the bruising and sores that may occur in the facility and you have to listen to what your loved one is saying is a whole other times go by thick years g by quickly for you.

It is going by incredibly slowly for the better.

Great point chip.

I think that the first time that you go meet a loved one you wan to set aside an hour to it just can't be a quick dropping set aside an hour to to listen lot like you mentioned you have a conversation because they've been out of touch for year a good opportunity to bring them up.

I would bring photographs o the grandkids.

Great grandkids to show how they have grow.

I would be photographed maybe a paper on your birthday bring that to say this is what happened on your birthday while you're in your like that you know some visuals to kind of acclimate them to know the new beginning, and probably best to have only one or two folks will be official was, yes, i probably know that i would probably be a nurse no restriction that they may see they may limit the number of i would hope they would limit the number of visitors as they slowly opened up.

You don't want to open up too soon, and subject that the residence to the code, so i would just say positive one person anyway wearing a mask and you know it.

So as we've said i is been a change on all sides of that particular event.

Talk with your loved ones character right out from their perspective that's been kind of sliding scale because all the facilities have have folks employees who have been affected by this.

They had failed in many cases they've had cold with himself.

Sure joe and and if yo have a relationship with your resident area.

Let as a caregiver not be enough to take them a little gift to short tha person myself.

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But lately you should be driving faster but that that's what caused the increase in the ethnic less cars, more speed is for injury or death, you can find out more about this in numerous other topics.

Check ou their website at work and again these care packages are available.

Just stop by