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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Lafayette Science Museum Reopens!

Credit: KADN
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Lafayette Science Museum Reopens!
Lafayette Science Museum Reopens!
Lafayette Science Museum Reopens!

Some new surprises for our visitors when they arrive.

We've got this mammoth sized surprise hit right went right when they walk into the door.

She came out fantastic.

I think it's a she i'm not really sure.

Um it's hard to tell with the skeleton but you know, we we've also got our planetarium will be opened and so yeah, there's ah, there's quite a bit that that folks will be interested to see.

I brand you whether exhibit is on display.

Um you know, a swell as a few other offerings.

That were there.

The last time folks came in on sundays, we will be open from one p.m.

To six p.m.

So that's gonna be our schedule here for a while.

But more importantly, our website, which is lafayette science, museum dot.

Or g'kar offers a lot of information about our organization.

Are quite striking.

There's one we have our birdie to goliath torrential a, which is about the size of a dinner plate, so that's always fun.

And always cool, um, inserted in search of earth.

Secrets is a traveling noah exhibit.

Men also talks about the topography of the ocean and.

Some of the things you know weather systems and so


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