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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Saltillo will soon see a new mayor

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Saltillo will soon see a new mayor
Saltillo will soon see a new mayor
Copey Grantham will soon be the new mayor in Saltillo

Swearing-in ceremony in july.

Wtva's chelsea brown is live in saltillo where members of the republican committee counted affidavit ballots today.

I am here at city hall where those members all but made it official.

The city got 16 affidavit ballots but only counted 5 because they had to throw the rest out.

Copey grantham is still 13 votes ahead of current mayor rex smith.

I spoke with grantham about how he feels about the win.

Copey grantham, mayor elect "thank all of my supporters and all of saltillo for putting thier trust in me, i am excited to be the next mayor."

Copey grantham is an alderman for the city, until he is sworn in for mayor in july.

"i want to run this city like a small business and less like a government agency."

I asked grantham about what he has planned for the city of saltillo.

"have our meeting livestreamed to people can see how we spend their tax dollars."

He said he wants to make sure city hall will be open for business and wants to provide masks and hand sanitizer for folks entering city hall.

"maintain our city hall and open to the public and we always want to be open and doing business for the city of saltillo."

The committee will count 6 absentee ballots next tuesday.

For more election results you can find them on our website at live in saltillo, chelsea brown, wtva 9 news two candidates will face