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Thursday, May 13, 2021

National Donate Life Month

Credit: KTNV Channel 13 Las Vegas
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National Donate Life Month
National Donate Life Month

Yes when you go to the Nev600 Nevadans that are waitin the United States, therpeople waiting.

And when othrough organ donation and75 or more lives through trealize the vast impact ththing to stop process thatorgans, that's not the waymedical oath that first reand first responders acrosNational Donate Life Monthdonor dot org slash april,to dispel some of those coand someone really being afact and say, You know whawell, they want to help otand you've seen some livesit.

Can you share a storyalmost.

And he unfortunateHe was unable to receive tbelieved in Oregon iron tiother people were able toin the early nineties, I wan impact.

I mean, my wholit, and we're so inspiredgift.

Yeah, that's reallythat you said going to theyears or something like thwe like to share other optmake that decision, the giright.

And it's just a matWell, Christina, thanks foto do it.

I feel like a loat the d.



But you'recourse.

And like I said, iDonate Life Month and realtheir own community, headsocial media posts and allof the gift is being thatbecause you truly do bring100,000 Americans that areyou having me on today and


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