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Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Good Word: Spring Sports

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Good Word: Spring Sports
Good Word: Spring Sports

Chip shows us that spring sporting events are getting back to normal, from the CFC, to golf tournaments and this weekend's football camp.

Chip chapman you were brough by every day were getting more and more sides of things holy turning.

So having said that we wanted to share three sporting events that are on the way back this spring.

The driver riverside drive around the coal highway regularly, you might've noticed the guy on the water tank is got a new sports jersey philip the glass is now wearing a chattanooga fc jersey use promoting the bni essay spring tournament all the way.

April 13 nine teams will be battling for family cfc hopes to see you and the family ... we also wanted to share that th charles h coolidge national medal of our heritage center is got a golf tournament coming up at obviously this year's tournament very special.

The fundraiser will be held at michael moore up on the mountain, the date thursday april, the date thursday, april 22 and we remind you that the annual kids and pros sports will be returning to boyd buchanan this weekend.

This is for kids who were between ages seven and 13.

It is a chance for younger football players to get some coaching from the pros.

Here's former nfl linebacker buddy curry on what these caps can do for our kids ... needs to be that way you treat your relationship.

Great way to start.

You can't help you.

You just say work hard know well well settled wells.

The camp itself saturday from nine until one can sign up at kids and pro website now that he does a good news to share, let us know abou it.

Email us that's news@wdef that's hi jeff


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