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Saturday, May 15, 2021

Fully vaccinated Hoosiers surpass 1.4 million

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Fully vaccinated Hoosiers surpass 1.4 million
Fully vaccinated Hoosiers surpass 1.4 million

The Indiana State Department of Health website says 23,146 more people were fully vaccinated in the last 24 hours.

The indiana department of health announced today that an additional 1-thousand-198 hoosiers have been diagnosed with covid-19.

That brings the number of indiana residents now known to have had the novel coronavirus to 698-thousand-692.

To date, 12- thousand-743 hoosiers are confirmed to have died from covid-19.

Around our region, we're reporting 128 new covid cases tonight.adams reporting 2 new cases.

Allen county reporting 58 new cases.

Huntington reporting 13 cases.

Noble with 21 new cases.

Steuben with 12.

3 in wabash.

1 in wells.

And 16 in whitley.

Over in ohio, paulding reporting one new case and van wert reporting one case as well.

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Here's a look at state covid vaccinations within the last 24 hours.

48-thousand-488 new doses have been administered...this includes both doses of the pfizer and moderna vaccine, as well as the single shot johnson and johnson vaccine.

23-thousand- 146 hoosiers are now fully vaccinated.


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