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Thursday, July 29, 2021

IL Vaccinations Expand To 18 and Over

Credit: WEVV
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IL Vaccinations Expand To 18 and Over
IL Vaccinations Expand To 18 and Over
Mass vaccination clinic in Carmi, IL

Jake thomas 44news.

Over in illinois - the egyptian health department partnered with the illinois national guard for a mass walk- in vaccine clinic- this comes the same day as the state expanded vaccine eligibility to those 16 and older.

The clinic had 700 of the single-dose johnson and johnson vaccines for any resident 18 and older.

"there is a lot of people who just want the one shot, done and over with, it's just what the feel more comfortable with so that's what we had available and we jumped right on it and said yeah we'll take it."

Illinois officials reported more than 7-million covid-19 vaccines have been administered across the state.

And on saturday-- officials reported a record of more than 175- thousand doses- administered in a single day... day of reaching a new high for a full list of places - you can sign up to receive the vaccine - you can head to our website- w-e-v-v dot com - plus stay with us on air for the latest mass vaccination clinics - happening across the


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