Chinese Enter Taiwanese Air Space for Fifth Consecutive Day
Chinese Enter Taiwanese Air Space for Fifth Consecutive Day

TAIPEI, TAIWAN — Fifteen Chinese military aircraft entered the southwest portion of Taiwan's air defense identification zone on Wednesday, April 7.

"The aircraft involved were listed as eight J-10 and four J-16 fighter jets, two KJ-500 airborne early warning and control planes and one Y-8 anti-submarine plane.

While the fighters and the KJ-500s only flew to the southwest of the island, according to Taiwan's Central News Agency the Y-8 flew further, into Taiwan's southeast ADIZ." "Taiwan's air force responded to the maneuver by scrambling war planes of its own and warning off the Chinese aircraft, as well issuing radio warnings and mobilizing air defence systems." "At the same time, however, China also encroached on Taiwanese territory in the opposite direction.

As reported by Reuters, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning and its escort ships were sailing north of Taiwan through the Miyako Strait, a stretch of ocean that sits between Taiwan and the Japanese island of Okinawa." "In response to this maneuver, the U.S. sailed the guided-missile destroyer USS John S.

McCain through the Taiwan Strait, between China and Taiwan." "Elsewhere, in what CNN described as a part of its 'routine operations,' the U.S. Navy sent the USS Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier and its escort ships through the South China Sea on Sunday."