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Thursday, July 29, 2021

St. Joseph Symphony in Search

Credit: KQTV
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St. Joseph Symphony in Search
St. Joseph Symphony in Search

The St.

Joseph Symphony is in search of a new conductor and will hold concerts for the public to view all three finalists.


> is always action at the st.

Joseph's symphony.

Joining us live from the symphony welcome lori.

Thank you.

It is wonderful to be here.

It is great to see you.

Tell us about the event coming up in what we could look forward to.


I almost forgot how to say the words.

We actually have three events we are planning.

Tickets are on sale now they are available at the website.

We have three finals for our new music connector each of those findings will come to st.

Joseph's to conduct a show and we would love for everybody to come obviously to be a part of the show will also to give us some feedback because once it is completed we will be making these decisions and making job opportunities.

That is so exciting.

Tell me what do you look for in a conductor because i know that is what we watch when you are watching it symphony you watch the conductor, and watch the musicians but the conduct is one that stands in the middle of it all, so what do you look for in a good conductor?

Woman: well, yeah, i think it is a variety of things.

Obviously ability, technical ability, musical ability, but they also have to have a real command of communicating, communicating with the audience, medicating with each of the players.

It is a real collaborative between the conductors and the players ideally, then of course we want someone who is really engage with the community and connect the dots with people just to help them expand their knowledge and the touch of music were able to present.

So it is a combination of things, we were delighted when we put out the job description that we have three strong candidates all within the region, so april 24 we will get to see one teaching at the university.

On may 8 you have carolyn watson, she is leading the orchestra program at the state in lawrence.

That may 22 we will see christopher conduct the concert and he is at the missouri, university of missouri in springfield.

We have strong candidates and shows coming up which will be available to see in person as well as online.

It sounds strange for us to even talk about in person concert but i'm so glad to do with you today lori.

>will see you soon.