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Monday, July 26, 2021

Website to ease vaccine scheduling headaches

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Website to ease vaccine scheduling headaches
Website to ease vaccine scheduling headaches
Website to ease vaccine scheduling headaches


Since the first shipments of vaccine made its way into our state - the huntsville hospital system has played a key role in vaccinating north alabamians.

Today - the hospital made it a whole lot easier to sign up for a vaccine at its john hunt park clinic.

Aellen says: "easy, come in, get it done, and you're done."

In and out.

That's how people who got vaccinated monday afternoon described the process.

The parking lot filled with people eager to receive the shot.

Some waiting up to a month to get an appointment... after signing up to be on the waiting list.

Aellen says: "it's not that easy, i mean the waiting portion, i mean the waiting portion, when i signed up for my mother, it was not easy."

But it just got a whole lot easier on monday -- an online portal opened up that allows you to pick a date and time for your vaccination - and automatically schedules you for your second dose in a few weeks.

Ingram says: "we had a little bit of an issue scheduling some people simply because they did not answer their phone call when we were trying to schedule them.

So it became pretty obvious, we wanted to come up with a different type of method.

For those who have already signed up to be on the waiting list -- the vp of marketing for the hospital, burr ingram, says to go ahead and sign up online.

Ingram says:"it's a much easier, simple, go ahead and get it kinda nailed down system."

Ingram says the hospital has been working on it for quite some time.

But with vaccines available to those 16 and up - right now felt like the right time to launch it.

Ingram says: "it became very clear that we needed to work on a different approach to not only take care of this added number, but hopefully reduce this waiting period that we've seen build up over the last few weeks."

A step in the right direction to get this virus under control.

Burney says: "it gives the community a fighting chance to fight the virus, i think if they keep going the way they're going and getting people in at the rate that they are, then it'll be great."

Right now - huntsville hospital is aiming to vaccinate up to 3-thousand people a day.

That number could increase as the state allocates more vaccine to