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Monday, June 21, 2021

McCarty, UE Respond to Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Credit: WEVV
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McCarty, UE Respond to Sexual Assault Lawsuit
McCarty, UE Respond to Sexual Assault Lawsuit

A former student of the University of Evansville is suing the University on claims that the school didn't do enough for her case against former men's basketball coach Walter McCarty.

Developing this morning the university of evansville facing a lawsuit from the former student who claims she was sexually assaulted and harassed - by former head men's basketball coach walter mccarty.

The lawsuit was filed monday - and states the university knew about prior allegations against mccarty - but hired and allowed him to continue his employment.

Mccarty is speaking out... in a statement we received this morning he says in part.... "i've never assaulted anyone in my 47 years on this earth.

It's disheartening that someone would make up such a vicious lie to gain financial rewards...."

I look forward to clearing my name and exposing these untruth's and putting this all behind me...."

The university of evansville is responding to the lawsuit saying....?ue disputes the legal claims from jane doe and her attorney.

The university is confident it responded appropriately to all reports of misconduct regarding mr. mccarty based on information it actually knew at the time.... the school goes on to say it looks forward to addressing the specific allegations


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