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Sunday, June 13, 2021


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Layla, Pet of the Week

Welcome back anytime now for latest edition of pet of the week i'm here with katie king from the humane society as sout mississippi and she brought a very excellent guest with a today because of the labor layla is a nine-year-old smooth paradox in she is supersweet she loves meeting people i can do.

Having a good time here.

I'm enjoying some delicious treat.

She hopped right in the car thi morning session excited to be here and she liked car ride.

She does prefer to be the only the household she might be a little bit while she is covering so much joy and find a anyhow old and should make a great even the finest.

She came in here sh started running around and pouring everything.

She's definitely not trade.

She's enjoying herself.

I can security be super friendly city a very cute that although the adoption fees.

I'm pretty maybe interested in tailoring the other pat i on the site layla's adoption fees 35 dollars and she's five years old and that adoption fee includes hurst- based surgery and her microchip and she will be up-to-date on all that nation and that is included with all adoption into what mammals you guys have grea society will currently are bursting the rehab over 250 shelter can tell that a lot to choose from at you name it we are entering even so, where our numbers are about to increase.

So if you are interest please come to our new hours are tuesday through saturday 12 noo until i he had ever been on here to about why you should adopt.

Mean the shoulder psyches that are bursting at the seams with reaction to people who come in looking for a pet they have already have one in mind they could.

I went the what all available and other times they just went out to them and then the dining the perfect match the ever after which we left her again that if anyone check out layla can see her, they can sto by the id when you taken tuesday through saturday to i and we are offering a special and in need of a neuter surgery.

Very cool okay okay you semester began layla years to riley looking at the growl of the biggest much return as we appreciate you coming after the break will hav another look at your forecast and your local guilt and deal


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