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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Sheriff Warns residents to watch out for scammers

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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Sheriff Warns residents to watch out for scammers
Sheriff Warns residents to watch out for scammers
Sheriff Eddie Scott says scammers are out there to profit on storm damage

Eddie scott is warning residents to watch out for possible scammers trying to make money off of storm damage.

Wtva's wayne hereford talked to the sheriff today and some county residents about how they avoid the scammers.

Clay county sheriff eddie scott says it never fails whenever there is storm damage the scammers come rolling in offering assistance.

But he says they often don't finish the job before they make off with the money.


"i've still got friends coming over helping to cleaning up and seeing what i'm needing and taking care of me."

Melinda crowley lives on crowley road in mantee.

A tree fell into her home last friday night when a storm blew through the area.

, thankfully for her she says her landlord will foot the bill for repairs to her home.

But that's not the case for her next-door neighbor .

(shirley nolden-mantee) "this storm came through friday night.

That tore up and did a lot of damage around here.

And we have been out of lights ever since friday night.

So we'e praying that we get our lights back on today."


As you can see, there is plenty of damage here on crowley road and these two ladies say they can use all of the help they can get right now.

And one thing that they need to watch out for is scammers that are out here who will take advantage of the situation."

"what we tell our people is that this is the time when our scammers and crooks take advantage of people" clay county sheriff eddie scott says there are things anyone can do to avoid a contracting scammer right now.

"so we encourage our people, we know there's a lot of trauma and sadness going on when you've got damage to our houses and no place to live.

But look, stop and think .

The sheriff says to contact your insurance company right away .he also said if someone pulls up to your yard seeking work on your roof for instance, get their information and check if they have a business license.

And never give the money up front.

"and these people come in from everywhere from different states.

They come in here promising to do this.

They get people to get paid up front .

The next thing you know they're gone and they're hard for us to track down.

Because unfortunately our victims didn't get any information."

Sheriff scott says that he has seen a lot of scammers in the roofing business over the years because a lot of roofs get damaged in our area during severe weather.

Reporting live in west point wayne hereford wtva nine news."

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