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Monday, June 21, 2021

PKG: Buc-ee's gas center ground breaking

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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PKG: Buc-ee's gas center ground breaking
PKG: Buc-ee's gas center ground breaking
PKG: Buc-ee's gas center ground breaking

C1 3 richmond... and with a price tag like that's it's no surprise the texas based company comes with it's own fan base.

Abc 36's monica harkins went to the ground breaking and gives us a sneak peak into... what almost is a cult following..

### monica:" as a texan native myself i've been to my fair share of buc-ee's and i have to tell you i'm not the only who's excited there's a buc-ee's coming to kentucky."

"addaryl: if you've never heard of or been to buc- ee's, then you've been deprived to your whole life" yes it's a gas station...but there's a few things that take buc-ee's to the next level...for's literally texas sized..kentucky's first location in richmond will have 120 gas pumps and an indoor shopping space more than 53- thousand square feet.

"but everything you'd actually want is there" this adaryll jordan...he's a dual resident in both kentucky and texas.

Like me...he knows when you see a big beaver logo on the highway you pull over even if you don't need gas...there's fresh brisket sandwhiches...local brands for shopping...and buc- ee's trademark snacks like the famous beaver nuggets...of course if you do also have to "go"... "the cleanest bathrooms ever" that's exactly the kind of hype that had richmond's mayor amped up for the ground breaking tuesday.

"mayor robert blythe: if i must confess i was a little misty eyed when i receieved the news that this project was certain."

Buc-ee's will bring 200 full time jobs with benefits.

Buc-ee's founder says he hopes you can't help but get excited to go too.

"beaver aplin: we want to provide smiles for the traveling public and smiles for the local people."

And as a dad of three...adaryll jordan has a bit of advice..

"adarrly: i anticipate folks losing a lot of money has been one of the jokes says you'd never go into bucees and spend less than $50, " "monica: and while it might sound a little crasy i have to admit the beaver nuggets are a personal favorite.

In richmond monica harkins abc 36 news."

### it's expected to open in summer