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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Legislators debate state budget

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Legislators debate state budget
Legislators debate state budget
Legislators debate state budget

Budget will soon be passed.

Today the state budget passed out of the senate on its third reading but it wasn't without controversy.

News 18's meredith hackler has a look at what some lawmakers aren't happy about.

Ll: 50 percent of the state's budget goes to funding education.

However democrats are arguing too much of the budget is going to fund vouchers and school choice programs. the debate over this topic took almost two hours.

Take vo the state budget allows a family of four who makes 95- thousand dollars a year to qualify for vouchers.

Several law makers feel that salary threshhold is too high.

Many democrats would like to see that salary cap significantly lowered.

In the house version of the budget that salary cap was set at 150-thousand dollars a year.

Senator ron alting doesn't agree with either of those numbers.

"i do think 95,000 is too high i did not agree with that number whatsoever.

If anything it should just be left where it is in the present law."- alting currently the law reads that a family of four can qualify for a voucher program if they make just over 71-thousand dollars a year.

Alting says while there are problems with the budget there are some bright spots.

"we increase over the next two years special education by 21 percent we are putting 1.4 billion dollars in special education.

Ll: the budget also includes 150 million dollars for student learning loss and 27.5 million dollars for english language learning programs. house bill 1001 passed out of the senate 39-10.

It now heads back tot he house where it will either be consented on meaning the author approves of the changes or dissented on meaning the author does not.

If dissented it goes back to a conference com reporting at the indiana state house meredith hackler news 18.

Tippecanoe county commissioner tom murtaugh says several

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