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Thursday, June 17, 2021

UK opens probe into lobbying by ex-PM Cameron

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UK opens probe into lobbying by ex-PM Cameron
UK opens probe into lobbying by ex-PM Cameron

Britain's government has opened an independent investigation into failed finance company Greensill Capital after lobbying by former Prime Minister David Cameron raised questions over its access to ministers.

Libby Hogan reports.

The UK's former Prime Minister David Cameron has found himself at the centre of a lobbying scandal.

Britain's government has opened a formal investigation into Cameron's lobbying efforts for Australian banker Lex Greensill, and his finance firm Greensill Capital.

UK newspapers have reported that Cameron contacted ministers directly to lobby on behalf of the now insolvent firm.

Cameron wanted Greensill to have access to the government's COVID-19 loan schemes at the start of the pandemic.

The former leader sent text messages to finance minister Rishi Sunak and arranged a private drink between Greensill and Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Cameron said on Sundayhe had not broken any rules, but accepted that his communications with government should only be through formal channels.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's spokesman said there was, quote "significant interest" in the matter, and wanted to start the review to ensure government is completely transparent.

Cameron's relationship with banker Lex Greensill dates back to when he was in government.

Greensill was brought in as a government adviser from 2010 to 2016 when Cameron was leader.

Two years after he left office, Cameron in turn became an adviser to Greensill's finance firm.


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