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Thursday, June 24, 2021

‘Meet the Spirits’ at Beauvoir on April 17th

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‘Meet the Spirits’ at Beauvoir on April 17th
‘Meet the Spirits’ at Beauvoir on April 17th

Gloomy days call for spooky stories and this Saturday you can create your own at Beauvoir’s ‘Meet the Spirits.’

At the depot.- - gloomy days call for spooky - stories.

And this saturday- you can create your own at- beauvoir's 'meet the spirits.'- spars, which stands for,- southern paranormal and - anomaly research society, - invites you to tag along- as a paranormal investigators,- as they check out what goes bum- in the night at beauvoir.

- they'll give you all the- equipment to feel like a pro- and take you to hot spots for - paranormal activity.- the founder of spars compares - paranormal investigating to - fishing and says some nights- they're biting, some nights - they're not..

- but when they do, its pretty- over the top.

- - "people when they do the house- when they - come out they comes out and - they're like 'we heard furnitur- moving we felt the- floor rumbling like something - was moving around in the house.- we've seen full - - - - body apparition and we caught - that on video but you'll have t- come here to see- it."- you can buy your tickets at the- gate, but it's best to ensure - your spot by purchasing them- online at spars-paranormal-