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Monday, July 26, 2021

Equal Steps Veterans Home opens in Long Beach

Credit: WXXV
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Equal Steps Veterans Home opens in Long Beach
Equal Steps Veterans Home opens in Long Beach

The City of Long Beach is now home to a new veterans facility Equal Steps Veterans Home.

- the city of long beach is now - home to a new veterans- facility, equal steps veterans- home.

- equal steps veterans home held- their ribbon cutting today to - celebrate the new living- facility.

The new veterans home- will house up to 16 veterans an- offer occupational- therapy, physical therapy and - social skills to veterans.

The- location is right off the beach- and perfect for veterans to - enjoy a tranquil living area.

- nekole predium, executive - director of equal steps veteran- home tells news 25 its- important to take care of our - veterans.

- - "everyone deserves a home no on deserves to be out on the stree- no one deserves to be sick on - the street and than - with the coronavirus we need to- protect our veterans i mean the- - - fought hard for us so we need t- be able to protect them and hav- them in-house" for more information email equa- steps veterans- - - - home at outlook dot com.

And yo- can submit a request or visit - your local veterans affairs