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Monday, May 10, 2021

What you need to know about MIS-C, kids' post-COVID sickness

Credit: WCPO Cincinnati
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What you need to know about MIS-C, kids' post-COVID sickness
What you need to know about MIS-C, kids' post-COVID sickness

In most cases, the risk of hospitalization and death from COVID-19 increases alongside the patient’s age.

But a small number of children who recover from COVID-19 face a new threat in the weeks afterward: Multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C), which can end in death.

THERE IS A MYSTERIOUSAFTER-EFFECT THAT CAN ATTACKTHE BODIES OF CHILDREN WHOSURVIVE CORONAVIRUS.IT'SCALLED "MULTI-SYSTEMINFLAMMATORY SYNDROME" OR"M-I-S-C." MORE THAN HALF OFALL CASES INVOLVE BLACK ORLATINO CHILDREN AND ASREPORTER LARRY SEWARDEXPLAINS-- IT HAS CAUGHT THEATTENTION OF DOCTORS áANDGOVERNOR MIKE DEWINE.çPKGÑ(track)it overwhelmschildren under 14 four tosix-weeks AFTER coronavirus:unexplained fever for two orthree days with:...severebelly rashes......eye andmouth inflammation...ULTIMATELY leading to life-threatening shock.while, rare,infecting just overthree-thousand nationwide...disparities and ties to covidtrends in adults troublesdoctors managing the syndromeat cincinnati children'shospital.(sot/ tc 3:02/ dr.grant schulert/ cincinnatichildren's hospital)"the worryis that if we are about toexperience a fourth wave ofcovid, fueled in part by someof these new variants, whetherwe're going to start seeingincreasing numbers over thenext couple of weeks.(track)doctor grant schulert sayscolleagues in michigan seeinga surge in adult COVIDinfections are seeing moreMIS-C too.of those reported tothe C-D-C... 63-percent areblack or latin(sot/ tc 6:15"(larry) is thereany explanation for that?..."(sot/ tc 6:22"larry, that's areally important question andone that we don't fullyunderstand."(sot/ tc 6:52"there is likely some geneticpredisposition tMIS-C..."(sot/ tc 31:33/ gov.

Mikedewine/ ohio)"tell us whatthis is, how it manifestsitself and what parents shouldbe looking for..."(nat pop tc33:56/ gov.

Mike dewine/ ohio)"what should parents look"what should ohio)"what shouldparents look for?..."(track)aweek ago... governor dewinepressed dayton doctor fordetails and guidance duringthis press conference.but inthe wake of an f-d-arecommended pause of johnsonand johnson's vaccine...(sot/tc 11:18:52/ chris scott/ ucstudent)"'s just like mando i really want to do this?do i tell my family theyshould do this?

So itdefinitely gave me secondthoughts." 57(track)...hesitation to get shots,especially in communitiessuffering most, worriesdoctors too.(sot/ tc 8:01/ dr.grant schulert/ cincinnatichildren's hospital)"iabsolutely think they shouldbe a high-priority..." 04(sot/tc 4:57/ dr. grant schulert/cincinnati children's hospital)"the biggest concern that wehave is as we begin to seerelaxing of social distancingand masking requirements andincreased numbers of childrengoing back to school..."(sot/tc 5:12/ dr. grant schulert/cincinnati children's hospital)"...that we're not then seeingincreased numbers ofinfections in children, whichwould also lead to increasedcases in MIS-C."(larrylooklive)"while... every childtreated here recovered...doctors say catchinginfections early is key andencourage parents seeingunexplainedfever in their children tocall their pediatrician.

Inclifton... larry seward...wcpo... nine news."