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Friday, June 18, 2021

Enloe Medical helping COVID-19 ‘long haulers’ breathe easier

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Enloe Medical helping COVID-19 ‘long haulers’ breathe easier
Enloe Medical helping COVID-19 ‘long haulers’ breathe easier

The Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Enloe Medical is combatting post-COVID syndrome in patients one breath at a time.

New at six- enloe medical center is using a new treatment to help those who are still recovering from the lingering effects of the coronavirus.

Action news now reporter tori apodaca talks to a survivor who is grateful for his monumental progress.

### jesus vizcarra, covid-19 survivor?i felt so bad i also thought myself that i was going to die?

Jesus vizcarra was on a venilator for five brutal days fighting for his life last june with covid pneumenoia.

But the nightmare didn end after defeating the virus and spending almost a full month in the hospital.

Jesus vizcarra?if i take a few steps i feel like i was going to hyperventilate.

I could?

That breathe.

Until he started enloe pulmonary rehabilitation program that is using their lung treatment techniques as a remedy for this post-covid syndrome or long-haulers.

Scott fedrizzi, registered respiratory therapist?i feel like we are on the cutting edge here at enloe of actually turning these people around?

Each person gets an individual treatment plan.

Scott fedrizzi, registered respiratory therapist?

That through a combination of education, breathing retraining and exercise?

Tori standup they start with some simple resistance band training before transitioning on to different machines.

Take nat*treadmill beepin* a long road to recovery, enloe staff like diana pardo, exercise physiologist, are with patients like vizcarro every step of the way.

Nats?wee going to do some bicep curls.

Elbows stay down by your side?

Diana pardo, exercise physiologist?we build a relationship with them and we are there to advocate for them?

And they say this much progress -- is rewarding to see.

Diana pardo, exercise physiologist?they are able to climb the stairs a little easier.

They don have to take as many breaks in between.

They are able to go outside and get the mail without taking breaks?

Jesus vizcarra?i feel 99.9% better now?

The staff wants to encourage people suffering from long-term symptoms -- that they*can feel their best again.

Diana pardo, exercise physiologist?it o havenk if you been exercising at all.

It ok if all you can do is a minute, two minutes, three minutes.

We are here to help improve that?

Vizcarra describes the joy in his recovery.

Jesus vizcarra "i will never stop giving thanks to the lord, to god.

And to everybody who helped me out."

For more information on this treatment -- and whether it may be right for you..

Go to action news now dot- com slash links.