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Thursday, July 29, 2021

FEMA to help cover funeral costs of COVID-19 related deaths

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FEMA to help cover funeral costs of COVID-19 related deaths
FEMA to help cover funeral costs of COVID-19 related deaths

Families who have had to bury their loved ones due to the Coronavirus will now have a little help.

FEMA will now be providing financial assistance for funeral expenses for COVID-19 related deaths.

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Fema is now providing financial assistance for funeral expenses for covid-19 related deaths.

Fox 55's brianna dahlquist reports how pricey funerals can be and how you can apply for help.

Stand-up: help is on the way for those who've had to recently bury their loved one due to covid-19.

Nat pop: "it was absolutely heartbreaking, and it continues to be."the federal emergency management agency, better know as fema is offering financial assistance up to nine thousand dollars per funeral and 35 thousand-50 dollars per family.

Jessica 3 coleman, marketing director for dignity memorial says the cost for a proper burial can be a lot more than some families expect."the average cost for a funeral service and a burial at a cemetery ranges anywhere from six thousand all the way up to 15 thousand but can certainly fluctuate."

Anyone who died from covid-19 after january 20th of last year is eligible.john thompson, president of midwest funeral home, says because of the pandemic, some families were not financially prepared.

" the majority of the individuals that passed away from covid, they did not have savings."

To date, 12- thousand-762 hoosiers and more than 563-thousand americans have died from the the united states alone, over 563-thousand people have died coleman says it's absolutely heartbreaking..

"we've served hundreds of families at our funeral homes who have lost a loved one due to covid-19."

Thompson says when families lose their loved one suddenly from covid, there is no real closure.

"during the beginning of covid, the last time they saw their loved ones was when they checked them into the hospital and that was it.

The sense of closure did not exist, and it's was very difficult for that sense of closure to exist."

Coleman says planning is key.

"really outline what you want to make sure that your family doesn't have to take that burden on and try to make those decisions while they're grieving."

In fort wayne, i'm brianna dahlquist, fox 55 news.

For a step-by-step checklist of what you need to qualify, click this story


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