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Thursday, June 24, 2021

Start Something Big: How to Become A Match

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Start Something Big: How to Become A Match
Start Something Big: How to Become A Match

If you've ever wanted a tour of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northeast Indiana, today is your lucky day.

In tonight's start something big showcase --what the big brothers big sisters organization of northeast indiana is going within the community.

Fox 55's brianna dahlquist reports on what it takes to become a big.

3 often times, it's a little intimidating to start something, development coordinator maddy hostetler takes us on a tour and tells us what we need to know about ?starting something big!?"" a lot of people think they have to be a certain type of person to have great credentials in order to become a big.

But when you look back on the mentors that you had in your life...they were the people that were consistent and that showed up for you."

Hostetler says if you're still apprehensive, just come see what they're about.

She says they've got some incredible events coming up soon.

"we are renting out parkview field!

We're transforming the concourse into a bowling- themed outdoor event with beer and wine tasting.

If you're thinking of signing up, we'd love to have you."with over 400 children still waiting to be matched, hostetler says they need the community's help more than ever.

"if you're already thinking about becoming a big then you're already good enough."in fort wayne, i'm brianna 55 news.

To become a mentor or sign up for bowl for kids this story on our website at w-f-f-t


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