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Monday, July 26, 2021

Your Community with Kay - The life of Charles H. Coolidge

Credit: WDEF CBS Chattanooga, TN
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Your Community with Kay - The life of Charles H. Coolidge
Your Community with Kay - The life of Charles H. Coolidge
Kay talks to Keith Hardison about the remarkable life of Charles H. Coolidge.

Coming up on prime news... we'll show you how one chattanooga mom is helping patrick core across the nation and around the world charles coolidge an amazing individual life from whatever standpoint do you need a was one of 472 medal of honor reset and reward to he was one of the final two and the he basically held off of the force of 27 men more than 100 germans backed by tanks for day even to the point of walking up to a tank and i don't know if i very many people who would be brave enough to walk up to an enemy tank and amanda outnumbered that they surrender but that it was a fierce battle nominated receive the award from that but not onl that he was a model of integrity and model of hard work and he felt multiple sclerosis were more than half a century disease which would the effectively and in the active life of many people i he refused to let cochran so we really had two major battles in his life slightly less and very inspirin and eventual a little bit about how folks can honor him this week at the heritage center yesterday there several ways to do so one course we will have a we have a condolence book in ou lobby that will be available to the public through sunday i had closed so anyone can come in at any time signed a condolence book legal message from the leach family those we passed to the family on monday i also the visitation at the heritage funeral home on east brainerd 4 to 6 on wednesday at 46 on thursday is open to the public i think will be a proud so get there early funeral ceremony first presbyterian church on friday 11 am again open to the public but there's limited seating and were also inviting those wished honor america's fighting men and women includin this village but not limited to him to come to the cemetery entrance will be passing out small american flags and they can honor as mr. coolidge and the funeral procession passed by and then finally the family has asked that to in lieu of flowers that memorial donations can go either to the first rest during church or the heritage center that can be done in person that can be done online through a website one amazing scene and well-being to see on the canal from our community an some for him their american flags coming up later on this week absolutely i think i think the crowds will surprise length artifacts among some mor information about the heritage center and a delight to learn more about those just like mr. coolidge get some information o heritage center or more announcement the different ways that the folks are honoring him this week yes the best way to do it is go to our website moh hc medal of honor heritage center .org we have information on mr. coolidge all the recipients in our facility that are featured in our facility programs and all the funeral arrangement you point out also that we are goin to be live streaming worsens and will write here on on our website so if you want to check them out on friday as well and will be available to the artist and thank you so much for joining us think that having on getting a information as the all honor the life and like mr. coolidge ... making you more information on this interview i need to do is check out our and if you