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Monday, July 26, 2021

Struggle to Hire Amid Covid Recovery

Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL
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Struggle to Hire Amid Covid Recovery
Struggle to Hire Amid Covid Recovery

WAAY-31's Olivia Schueller spoke to the owners of Bentley's at the Outhouse where she learned more about the problems they have been facing.


Businesses across our area are struggling to find employees to work.

Some businesses are even offering a hiring bonus.

A restaurant in hartselle says before the pandemic they had no problem hiring workers.

Now, they're struggling to get 1 or 2 applications a month.

Waay 31's olivia schueller spoke to the owners of bentley's at the outhouse.

She learned more about the problems they're facing.


The owners say they've posted advertisement after advertisement, and are having little to no luck on getting employees.

They say people were hired and then just didn't show up the very next day.forcing the restaurant on some days to close early.

Travis smith, owner of bentley's at the outhouse what's happening is we don't have enough employees because we're having to compete with uhm free money, that's what it boils down to.

Travis smith says bentley's at the outhouse says the search to find workers seems neverending.

Smith we can't get people who want to do the job or that have any type of training to do the job.

He says he's not the only business owner struggling to find employees.

Smith there's lots of people, right here in our town that are fighting the same battle that we're fighting and they're just doing the same thing we're doing.

Shannon king.owner of fathead fanny says she's the baker, helps customers at the front counter and runs the entire operation on her in and day out.

Shannon king, owner fathead fanny i'm the only employee left.

All of king's employee's left one employee told her she'd make more on unemployment.

King i could see myself having to cut down in hours, or only being open a few days a week or just taking orders and doing special deliveries.

Both businesses are actively looking for workers.

They say no matter what.

They won't give up on the businesses they've built.

Smith you either push forward or have to quit, and i'm not going to quit.

King well i'm not going to give up, this is something that i'm going to get through.

Both business owners encourage those who want to work to apply.

They don't want to shut their doors early.but some days, that's their only option.

Reporting live in hartselle, olivia schueller waay 31 news.



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