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Monday, July 26, 2021

IGNITE conference 2021

Credit: WTVA ABC Tupelo, MS
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IGNITE conference 2021
IGNITE conference 2021

This was the foundation's first in-person event since the pandemic began last year.

The community development foundation didn't let the pandemic stop it from teaching people the leadership skills they will need to be successful.

Wtva alexis jones is live in tupelo to tell us how employees made sure people were safe during today's conference.

I'm outside of the orchard where the community development foundation hosted its annual leadership conference.

Today was the foundation's first in person event since the pandemic.

"listen, i'm just glad they're back" zell long is the executive director of the boys and girls club in north mississippi.

Long said she's excited cdf could host a ignite conference because she looks forward to them every year.

Sot: "the end result is that you leave inspired and ready to go on and make a difference so... i love it."

Hundreds of people attended ignite to learn how to become better leaders.

Host, carolann padgett, said usually cdf employees host the event in january.

Pageant said since many people got their vaccines, it was safer to have the conference today.

Nat: padgett said employees gave out masks to people before they came in the building.

They also made sur each seat was six feet apart and guest speakers kept a safe distance.

Although things are different this time around, pageant said everyone was glad to be back.

Sot: "i think everyone is just so happy to see each other.

Keep their distance and keep their masks on, but they're to be here today."

Both long and pagett said they are looking forward to next year's conference.

Live in tupelo.

Alexis jones.

Wtva alexis jones.

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