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Thursday, July 29, 2021

Friday Evening Weather

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Friday Evening Weather
Friday Evening Weather

16 WAPT Chief Meteorologist David Hartman has the forecast for Jackson and Central Mississippi.

Round Number four is in progress.Although the threat of heavy rain hasdiminished up around Vicksburg andJackson and even in south Mississippidoes not look like it's going to be asheavy as was originally thoughteverything is coming together.

We got abatch of rain showers moving across thearea and through the evening developingarea of low pressure southeast texas.This will move right along ourstationary front overnight tonight andheaviest rain looks like generallyright near the Mississippi Louisianaborder southward, down towards thecoast, here's what's going on late thisafternoon does look like a wet eveningwith off and on showers and maybe arumble of thunder.

No severe weather isanticipated.

Here's how the rainunfolds through the evening.

You cansee how it does increase during theevening hours and then overnightshowers begin to diminish by sunrise.There could be some lingering lightrain or drizzle around first thing inthe morning, but it does look like acloudy, damp day and a chilling windout of the north all day long highsonly in the sixties dampness, windblowing out of the north, uh saturdayis not going to be a nice april day.

Nodoubt about that.

By sunday though, weshould begin to see some sunshine.Here's what's been going on.

There'sbeen uh low pressure up over the plainstates.

The polar jet stream has beenunusually far south for this time ofthe year, and then the sub tropical jetstream has been locked in place rightacross the southern tier of states.

Andthis has created our wet weatherpattern over the last two weeks.

Thispolar jet stream has another chillypunch due in for our area.

Watch whathappens over the weekend Now, highpressure builds in drier air sunshinereturns for sunday most of next week.Up until next friday.

A week from todaylooks dry midweek.

This is going to bea pretty significant cold front.

Themiddle portion of next week.

We couldsee a low temperatures in the upperthirties in North Mississippi, maybesome low forties in central Mississippicontinuation.

We've been talking aboutthis for the last week of a cool snap,unusually long for this time of theyear april.

Usually it's just a coupleof days, but this is going to persistwell into the end of the month andthere's a chance of storminess Nextfriday with some heavy rainfall.

Allright, 55 is your low tonight rainythunderstorms, those downpours confinedpretty much to the far southern reachesof the viewing area.

Cloudy and damp,cool spring breezes to our 66.

That isit for a high tonight we dropped to 48clause may break up a little bit andthey break up and up with some sunshineon sunday, there are the temperaturesnext week on the cool side with rain.Next friday.Yeah, right


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