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Monday, July 26, 2021

chicken wing prices take flight

Credit: WKTV
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chicken wing prices take flight
chicken wing prices take flight
chicken wing prices take flight

Chicken wing prices here in central new york.

That's when restaurants can even find them.

Newschannel 2's joleen ferris reports.

Stand up .

None as soon as you walk into charlie's pizza, in north utica, as sign warns that due to increasing food costs, prices are subject to change weekly.

The owners talked to us todayabout the constant, behind the scenes battle lately, to put their best food forward on yor plate, at the most affordable price" wing prices have taken flight.

15:10 "probably a year ago, $60/$70 dollars a case, as opposed to $150 now" and the trip from the supplier to your plate got more expensive, too 15:42 "it's the sauce and the ingredients that you mix, those are all double.

Containers, foil, food handler gloves that used to be 30 bucks a case are now 90 and you can't get those" this fowl play isn't unique to charlie's pizza :39 "it's cheaper to buy a ny strip dinner than it is to get 20 wings" cavallo's, in new hartford, is known for tuesday wing night.

They still have it, but after several weeks of absorbing the increase they had to modify wing night prices 5:41 "it is a wing night, so we are doing dollar wings, which is the best i can offer at this point, so if you get 20 wings on a tuesday or wednesday, they're 20 bucks, if you get them regularly on a different night, they're $24.99" and that's when you can find them.

Sometimes, your supplier brings even worse news 3:07 "he called two weeks ago and it was a call it was a phone call he didn't want to make.

At that point, he didn't even have my wings for the week, so we had to reach out to otherpla, says there are many factors, driving up food prices.

Demand outpacing production, due to a labor shortage....rising fuel costs...high demand has places opening faster than expected, and products leaving the country due to worldwide demand.

It's tough, but these family businesses will stickit r when that waitress is waiting on you or your food's taking longer, every restaurant in this area needs help anjusgive 5 minutes, we'll make it right" jf, nc2.

> wing prices are expected to be higher through