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Monday, June 21, 2021

Mental Health and Heavy News

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Mental Health and Heavy News
Mental Health and Heavy News
Mental Health and Heavy News

Tragedies can impact a person's mental health.

Even if what's happened..

Doesn't have a direct connection to you.

News 10's porsha williams continues our team coverage tonight.

She joins us now live in our newsroom with advice on ways to cope.

/////// i spoke with a professional today about how thursday night's deadly mass shooting in indianapolis can take its toll on your mental health.

She explained ways to cope.

[take pkg outcue: bite.."would be comfortable in" duration:1:00] pk} deputy chief clinical officer emily owens with hamilton center says support from love ones is the best way to deal with tragic situations.

"if they have that good support network that can get them through talking about it processing it, that can go a long way."

Owens says it's important for people not to bottle up their emotions.

"you think oh i can get through it, this will pass, it will be history before i know it.

But sometimes then things can trigger those thoughts again about that trauma experience."

She also talked about the signs to watch out for if you're concerned about someone's mental health.

"and you notice that there not really themselves, maybe they're distancing more from you or avoiding situations that historically they would be comfortable in."

If you or someone you know needs professional attention..

Tell them to reach out to their nearest health provider.

Reporting live in the newsroom porsha williams news