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Monday, July 26, 2021

North Broadway Avenue project begins Monday

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North Broadway Avenue project begins Monday
North Broadway Avenue project begins Monday

The project has been in the works since 2017.

Lane closures for the project are expected to last from Monday to May 10th.


And i'm george mallet.

First tonight ?

"* kimt gettinga closer look at construction plans for north broadway avenue in rochester.

The big dig on the busy road kicks off monday.

Kimt news three's zach gilleland joins us live now to explain what safety improvements are in store.

Xxx katie and george ?


"* city engineer dillon dombrovski says this stretch of north broadway needs to be completely reconstructed .

He said this project has been in the works since 20?

"* 17.

The project will see a new water main, sewer and pavement.

This area sees a lot of foot traffic and bicyclists, so he said they were kept in mind when designing the project.

For cyclists ?


"* a track w be built on the curb away from the road and sidewalks will be expanded for pedestrians to give them more room and keep them further from the road.

The aim is to make things more safe for motorists and pedestrians in the area.xx "it's making it more pedestrian friendly so you can more safely move through the coridor, get across the coridor and connect whether it's businesses, employment or housing."

Broadway traffic will be down to one northbound lane and one southbound lane between 11th street north and the zumbro river bridge starting monday.

Dombrovski urges motorists to be cautious and slow down ?


"* especial work zones.

Live in rochester, thank you zach.

Those lane closures zach mentioned are expected to last from monday to may 10th.

Drivers could see some backups and rochester public transit